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    See our new page Celebrating the programs of Poets on Site!

    See Albums about our most recent trip to N. Germany, Slovakia and Prage:

  • Our Visit to Nancy and Winfried in Winnert, Germany
  • Friends at the Conference in High Tatras
  • A Glimpse Into Kathabela's Journals
  • Our Mountain Walk in High Tatras
  • Adventures of a Fujara, Kosice to Pasadena, to be continued!
  • The Beautiful City of Kosice, Slovakia
  • Our Visit to Prague


    Kathabela and Rick returned in late May from a conference in Tehran, just a week before the elections there. Our hearts are with our dear friends in Iran. We have hosted a program of Iran Conversations in our home, and have been immersed in the many poetic and musical activities at our home Poets and Artists and World Music Salons. Kathabela and Rick have created and lead Poets on Site, initiated in 2008, an innovative group of writers, artists and musicians who are now working on their twelfth book and event program focused on different inspiring themes. We will post links soon to descriptions. On July 12, 2009 we performed at the Pacific Asia Museum, an extravagant dance, poetry and music expression of their exhibit on Ganesha, Remover of Obstaceles, creating a book of poetry we used as a script for the event. On August 22, 2009 at 2 PM at the Pacific Asia Museum our audio poetry tour, created on the invitation of the Museuem will be unveiled. This tour consists of poets reading their poems on 16 stops in the museum, accompanied by Rick Wilson on xiao, a Chinese end-blown flute. On August 22 we will give a live performance of poems our group of 30 poets have written on their permanent collection. This will be accompanied by Rick Wilson and other musicians, and performed in the exhibit rooms and garden courtyard of the museum. Kathabela also hosts the Caltech Poetry Club and Caltech Fine Arts and Crafts Club on the Caltech campus, where Rick has been Professor of Mathematics since 1980.

    Kathabela and Rick are fortunate, thanks to Rick's mathematics, to be able to travel to many international conferences, and to experience the cultural life of many countries on those visits. In early September we will be traveling to High Tatras, Slovakia, for a combinatorics conference, and are in the midst of planning visits to other European cities during our trip. We have documented our travels with photos and stories, the side panel of this site will lead you to many of these.
    On our return, Poets on Site will present a program featuring poetry on the 12th annual Fukuhara Manzanar Watercolor Exhibit. Rick will accompany with Japanese, American, Native Americam, and European flutes. We also have created a "Living Room Gallery" in our home, inviting artists to show their work, and poets to write poems, collected in a book, and performed for the artists and friends. Our first program was on the fiberart of Cindy Rinne, and our current artist is Susan Dobay. Kathabela is now collecting poems on her art, to be performed in October. To view paintings go to Susan Dobay in the Living Room Gallery

    Go to NEW photos and stories, May, 2009
    Kathabela and Rick, Tuesday May 14, 2009, Tehran
    Time here is 11 1/2 hours ahead of California time

    On our way to Iran, we spent 2 days in Frankfurt, Germany with dear friends Peter and Spohr and his wife Elisabeth.

  • Our Visit to Frankfurt May 10, 2009
  • Art, Music, Last Day in Frankfurt

    Kathabela's portraits of the Speakers at the conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada

    Kathabela's portraits of the Speakers at the conference in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

    Kathabela and Rick in Calgary, Lethbridge and BANFF, Canada
    March, 2009

    Arrival and first day in Calgary

    Mary Abela Endress so sweet so young so smart at 88
    (double infinity)

    Mary Abela Endress, November, 2008, with Timothy Kasper, her grandson

    Abela, Gatt, Grech

    Go to Recent research on a postcard, 1925
    from Mary's father, Michael Abela to her half-brother, John Grech.

    See a Family Portrait circa 1927

    Go to Important Family Dates

    Go to Newest Update

    Mary's Mom, Jopephine Gatt, had two children. Her first son, John Michael Grech, was the child of her first marriage, to Alfred Grech. The other was Kathy's mom, the daughter of Michael Abela and Josephine Gatt, Mary Abela Endress.

    Recently (May, 2005) John's daughter and her family have found our website, and made contact with Mary. We been out of touch for about 40 years! Now, (September, 2005) Kevin Duggan, the Grandson of John Grech has visited Mary in Santa Barbara.
    Go to Letters from Betty Jane and Family
    See Betty Jane and James Duggan visit Kathy's mom Mary in Santa Barbara

    A PORT SAID Childhood

    Kathy's mom, Mary Abela
    was born of Maltese parents, in Port Said, Egypt. in 1920.
    An ABELA Port Said Album 1920 to 1937

    Mary's mother's maiden name was "Gatt"
    grandson of Mary's mother's sister Tessie Gatt, finds us from Canada

    Sylvia Modelski
    has written
    "Port Said Revisited"
    a wonderful book, reminiscence of her similar childhood experience in Port Said.

    George Smith, of Hamilton, Canada, has written about his mother
    Antoinette Pirally
    (1921-1993) who also born in Port Said and had a Port Said childhood in the same neighborhood.
    Antoinette's Photos in Port Said

    The Rocky Mountains, setting for the conference at the Banff Center
    See Kathabela and Rick in Banff:
    NEW A Visit to Lake Louise
    Arrival in Banff and Beginning of the Conference

    Portrait Gallery of Conference Speakers (sketches by Kathabela)
    watch for updates to the portrait gallery, sketches are done duing each talk

    Monday in the Mountains, conference and adventures

  • See Albums and Stories of Rick and Kathabela in Istanbul and China, summer, 2008

    see KATHABELA and RICK arrival IN CHINA
    See beautiful stories by Nia, our poet friend in Istanbul, about our visit

    See Walking Distance Kathabela's Journal of Walks and Adventures

    See A beautiful poem and photo of Kathabela and Rick by Naia


  • See Every Thursday Evening Poetry Workshop at the Wilsons
    Kathabela and Rick in Calgary, Lethbridge and BANFF, Canada
    March, 2009

    See our trip to Puerto Rico: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    August 15 to 29, 2007

    See our trip to BRATISLAVA (July 5 to 15. 2007)
    At the Conference "Design Theory of Alex Rosa"
    in Honor Of Alex Rosa's 70th Birthday
    See the conference website

    view from our hotel room window
    VIDEO: The Alex Rosa Song at the Conference Party!
    Bratislava, Thursday, July 5, 2007
    New: Friends and Food in Bratislava
    Walk along the Danube River by our hotel
    Take A` Walk in the Park in Bratislava City Center

    Recently we were in Japan: go right to the conference in Japan, updated June 21

    then we were in: Toronto and Waterloo, Canada: June 16 to 26 (last 3 days in Scotia, NY)

  • Find out How to think in Canada
  • See What Toronto looks like
  • Taste What they eat in Canada
  • See What's Inn Waterloo?
    Before that, We were in Japan: June 3 to 14: Yokohama and Kyoto

  • Touring Three Kyoto Temples
  • Celebrating with Friends (Part 2) Dinners and Lunches during the conference
  • Gatherings in the Evenings:Mathematical Friends at Play (part one)
  • Peeks into the Lecture Rooms
  • Reading Signs and Ads in Japan
  • At The Conference Party in Yokohama
  • Our Visit to Kamakura
  • Celebrating the Conference at Keio University: June 5 and 6, 2007
  • Arrival in Japan, June 4, 2007
    See our Trip to Kyoto in 2004


    See before that
    we were in Puerto Rico: April 24 to May 5, 2007

  • see Kath's poems featured in the online journal, "Lunarosity"
    MARCH, 2007:
  • Go to First French Night/ Poetry Workshop
  • Go to Irish Night/ Poetry Workshop
  • go to Elizabethan Night/ Poetry Workshop
  • go to a Chinese New Year/poetry workshop
  • go to the Indian Feast/poetry workshop
  • go to Sweetheart Day Feb 14
    February, 2007:
  • See Poets at the Huntington Gardens Feb. 8, 2007
  • NEW!See Poets Party and Kathy and Rick's, Feb.7, 2007 (entertainment by Rick)
  • NEW! See Kath's Ephemeral Poetry Blog featuring friend poets plus her own poetic collaborations and poetic tributes to them. Includes Rick Wilson, Don Campbell, Michael Dunn and more.
  • NEW! first haiku study workshop at the Pacific Asia Museum
  • NEW! second haiku study workshop
  • NEW! Kath's Poetry Library
  • Recent events:

  • See (our friend) Jian Yuan selling her jewelry at Caltech
  • See Caltech Glee Clubs Messiah sing-along
  • See Caltech Glee Clubs Holiday Party
  • See new necklaces by Jian Yuan for Kathy's jewelry little people
  • CALTECH GLEE CLUB CONCERT (Kathy sings&plays percussion) Dec 2006
  • Our Balcony in Bloom November, 2006
  • Caltech Glee Club sings at the Athenaeum, Saturday November 4, 2006
  • Poet and Musician's Party at our Home, Sunday November 7, 2006

  • At the Orchid Show at the Huntington Sunday, October 22, 2006
  • Haiku Study Group at the Pacific Asia Museum, Saturday, October 21, 2006
  • Our Trip to Wichita, the Outdoor Art Center of the Nation!
  • See Musical Moments from Harry Bower's visit Sept 2 to 12, 2006

    other poetry news
  • Kathy and her childhood swan....July 24 Monday Night Poetry Reading
  • Kathy's visit and presentation to Don Campbell's Creative Writing Class July 25 at Occidental College.

  • See a presentation of the poetry anthology "VROOM" in Pasadena. Readings by Kathy Wilson and Don Campbell. Kathy presented her "surreal art photos. A photo essay page, as usual, but you can also choose to see video as or hear audio only.
    Go to the "Vroom" Poetry Reading

    STILL WORKING ON.... Please continue checking on:
    This is our second visit to Iran. To see the themes pages from our visit in 2003
    Go to Our Visit to Iran, 2003

    April-May, 2006: While many of these photos and journals are being written and sent during our travels, now we are back in Pasadena. We are overwhelmed with the variety and richness of our adventures in Iran. There will be many more pages to present in order to share the variety of our experience! The newest one below, on our visits to contemporary art galleries, gives a fascinating inside view of an artistic world you might not exptect to find!

    See some small movies taken during the trip

  • Visiting Contemporary Art Galleries in Tehran

  • Buying a Rug in Tehran: The Beauty of It!

  • A Visit to the Tomb of the poet Hafez

  • Who Wins the Prize?

  • For the Love of Lavosh!

  • Gypsy "Song and Dance" in Iran

  • A Fantastic Iranian Meal at the Azari Teahouse

  • Last Night at An Amazing Traditional Teahouse

  • A Shortcut in Tehran (A neighborhood walk)

  • A Look at Women's Fashions in Tehran

  • Street Scenes in Tehran

  • The Best Bread (We came back for the sangak)

  • Our Arrival in Tehran, April 21, 2006

  • Friends Who Meet Us In Tehran

    GO TO DAILY PICTURE GALLERY FROM IPM You'll see conference activities as recorded by IPM. CLICK ON EACH DAY TO SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY. There are some photos of us each day!
    Go to THE CONFERENCE DAILY NEWS Every day the organizers put out a daily newspaper, hughlighting activities of the day before. You can see these by clicking on the days!

    Have you seen the stories of our trips to:
    *** SHANGHAI & TAIWAN (2005)*** KOREA and JAPAN (2004)***

    See News About How Professor Richard Wilson Discovers the Meaning of Life

    Recent activities (web pages in progress...): (2006)

  • A visit from Harry Bower September 2 to 12 and Kathy's birthdays*** September 13 to 16: our 5th wedding anniversary in San Francisco ***

    August: August 4 and 5 went to San Diego for Gilman family reunion (Rick's father's mother's family) and visited Kathy's son Tim and family *** Niece Elizabeth Wilson stayed with us from Chicago August 6 to 16 *** August 18 Steven Radice played Ukulele at Beantown in Sierra Madre with his Atomic Ukes group *** late August Visits from Lynn Vartan back from Mexico!***

    June-July:June 1 to 6 trip to Chicago for nephew Richie Wilson's High School Graduation in Chicago *** friends Lisa and Stephen in town for 4 days starting June 20 *** June 24 Kathy will did poetry and art presentation at Mira Miratic's Art Fair in Pasadena, and Rick played flute. See the poetry calendar listing *** a play at the Boston Court (near us) is now, we hope to see it before it's gone *** June 20 to July 20 Michael and Marjorie Collins visit Caltech from England*** ***Tea at the Huntington with the Collins, July 5



  • DANCE SHOW DRESS REHEARSAL! Wonderful pictures

  • Making Flowers for our hair for the show, and links to more of Leela's classes

  • Kathy's Costume for Gypsy Bellydance performance in Caltech Dance Show


  • See Kathy's CAMEL PIN in the "Nibblefest Contest" on ebay!


    OUR TRIP TO WYOMING March 21 to 25, 2006

  • ARRIVAL IN WYOMING via Denver, Colorado
  • FIRST DAY IN LARAMIE at the Univerity of Wyoming
  • FORT COLLINS and more math plus percussion
  • LAST DAY: BOULDER, COLORADO art and an odd perspective!


  • Caltech Glee Club Winter Concerts
  • candid before and after Caltech Glee Club Winter Concerts
  • Kathy's Percussion Lessons
  • Lynn Vartan solo concert, Boston Court, Sunday March 5, 2006

    CALTECH CHORAL CONCERT February 26, 2006
    A visit from Diana (2/11/06)
    Poets in the House (2/9/06)
    Kathy's monkey poem
    Cambodian Music Concert (2/9/06)
    Kathy's voice class
    Kathy's poem about her family history
    Kathy's gypsy belly dance class
    Flying skirts in the living room (2/11/06)
    Our Polynesian-Hula Dance Workshop

    2/5/06 at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena

    GO TO Our Events Page for an interesting log of MOST CURRENT activities!

    Kathy's new Gypsy belly dance skirt

    Got Poetic Lisence at PoetryDMV
    Many of you know Kathy does not drive a car...and loves walking... but click on the plate above to see her "Poetic License!"

    See Kathy's new Pasadena Poetry Calendar

    Special Notice: Kathy and Rick have had so many adventures and so many guests that they can't keep up with themselves! We are currently working on bringing you up to date!

    Much more to come on:

    Part One Arrival Saturday 12/17
    Part Two Santa Barbara Sunday and back 12/18 and 19
    Sean's Sean's own photo album from a Santa Barbara beach walk 12/18
    Coming Soon: Part Three: Tuesday a Musical Visit with our friends Steven and Gail
    Part Four and More...Wednesday to Saturday in a Flash!


    Nov 5: Lynn Vartan, solo percussion concert, at the Boston Court in Pasadena ***Oct 24–Nov 1: Harry Bower's visit to Pasadena, including many musical and culinary highlights; Oct 28: Guest musician friends Steven and Gail Radice (and Ukeleles) for Dinner; Rick's brother Phil's visit to California ****More on our trip to Holland (Oct1-10) the Musical Instrument Museum in Utrecht, and the Einhhoven Museum of Art; Our visit to San Francisco Oct 21-23; Nov 7 and 8: Trevor Wye, Concert and Masterclass, in Pasadena Our friend David Shorey will stayed with us, his visit***

    October, 2005

    Journal of Culinary Wonders by Harry Bower
    See some of Harry's wonderful creations during his visit Oct 24–Nov 1, 2005

    Oct 22: Celebrating Aaron's Bar Mitzvah in San Francisco

    October 1–10 Our trip to Holland

    Sunday, October 16 A visit to Santa Barbara to see Mom

    September, 2005

    Harry Bower's musical visit to Pasadena

    September 7 Colleen brings her Grandma to visit Pasadena
    What a wonderful gift for Kathy!
    Part One*** Part Two

    Happy Birthday Kathy September 6
    See The Day's Festivities

    (Fr.) Kevin Duggan visit's Great Aunt Mary in Santa Barbara
    A Family celebration at Kathy and Rick's (9/2/05)

    August, 2005

    Our nephew Richie Wilson from Chicago visits Pasadena,
    Saturday (8/20/05) with his sister Diana

    Just back from the National Flute Convention>
    August 10—15, 2005

    We stayed with Tim and Family in San Diego
    during the Flute Convention
    Part One***Part Two

    After we got back from our trip to China and Taiwan, we have had a rich summer of gatherings with friends. Here are some highlights from

    June and July in Pasadena.

    We had visits from our nephew Seanie from New York; Joe and Dominique Moir before Dominique left for France, niece Diana and her friend Julie who we met from the first time and loved. Also Arjeh Cohen visiting from the Netherlands. Also David and Kathy Wales. David, who is mathematically collaborating with Arjeh, is Rick's next door office collegue at Caltech, and they are great friends and travelers. Lisa Turetsky, our dear friend from Richmond, Ca visited for a day, and we went for an elegant dinner at the Caltech Athenaeum. Also Harry Bernstein from San Francisco stopped in for a dinner and flute playing. He also attended the National Flute Convention in San Diego in August. And visited Daniel Jencka with us on the way home August 14.

    Tim, Dylan, and Ryan
    visit Santa Barbara July 31

    SEE Kathy and Rick's Archive of Events
    Go to: 2005
    Go to: 2004
    Go to: 2003


    Newest Update: 7/23/05: All the Tea in China

    first stop SHANGHAI, May 12 to 18

    MEET DINKY, your guide!

    See his newest updates:Guaranteed to make you giggle!
    Read Dinky's Best of Taiwan Reviews

    5 Shanghai Dumplings, 2005
    poems Kathy wrote during the 5th Shanghai Conference on Combinatorics

    See Kathy's sketches of the speakers
    SHANGHAI Portrait Gallery
    Speakers Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17 & 18, 2005
    Speakers Monday, May 16, 2005
    Speakers Saturday and Sunday, May 14&15

    TAIWAN, May 18 to 22

    Kathy's sketches of speakers: TAIWAN CONFERENCE PORTRAIT GALLERY


    IRAN (Summer, 2003)
    SOUTH KOREA (Summer, 2004)
    JAPAN (Summer, 2004)
    CHINA (Summer, 2002)

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