Secretly the world's best!

The "king" of Iranian breads, sesame sprinkled Sangak, our favorite. It is very hard to find this bread outside of Iran and it is one of the main reasons we3 came back (giggle). The reason it is so rare is that the baking process requires special ovens, using round hot pebbles for baking. That gives the bread its dimpled appearance. Also, it is its true self only immediately after it comes freshly baked from the oven! It is baked every day and delivered to the guest house.

Sangak as the centerpiece of breakfast at the guest house. We like it with yogurt and carrot jam.

At the restaurant we went to on Friday, this bread, lavosh, was served with the meal. Our friends told us it is one of four main kinds of bread served here. This is more common outside of Iran, but it is always interesting to see what is really eaten in the country, how it differs from what we know and how and when it is served. One of the most interesting things we learned of thids kind was in China, where SOUP is ALWAYS served at the end of a meal, not to start, and RICE is not served at banquets, only possibly at the can be insulting to need it would mean you did not like eating the main entres. In Iran rice is served with meals often, and I will make a special page on the rice here!

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