Poets at the Huntington Gardens
and the Joseph Cornell Collage Exhibit
February 8, 2007

Lat Thursday we had a poets walk at the Huntington Gardens, with the specific goal of seeing this fantastic exhibit of the collage works of Joseph Cornell. Although only three poets attended, one fine poem was the result. For the month of February, you can read Read "Collage" by Don Campbell here. digital collage of collage above, by Kath

Don holding his poem just after writing it.
photo by Kath

Many heads of cactus
photo by Kath

Two of my favorite poets (Rick Wilson and Don Campbell)
photo by Kath

Go write a poem!
photo by Don

The photographer is musing
photo by Kath

Are we silly enough?

(photo series by Don Kingfisher Campbell)

Poets posing in the garden:
Kath, Don, and the prolific *Polaskia Chende
*cactus "tree" in the background
photo by Rick

photo by Rick

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