Rick's Historical Flute Presentation
and the Dinasaurs of Wyoming

Rod Garnett, center, a fine player of historical flutes himself, invited Rick to give this rare presentation for his world music students at the University of Wyoming.

Rick was delighted to carry a dozen historical flutes with him in our carry-on luggage from California, to be able to demonstrate the differences and revolutions that occured in the development of the flute, from the renaissance to the 19th century.

Rick and Rod played duets as illustrations of baroque and 19th century music and the flutes that the composers were "hearing in their minds" when they composed.

Most students had never been aware of anything but the contemporary silver flute, so this always opens a new world of musical imagination.

After the presentation, we brought the flutes home to rest, while we went to visit some even older specimens.

The dinosaurs at the Geological Museum at the University of Wyoming. Kathy is trying to fed this one in the traditional manner. Throwing pinecones into its mouth.

Inside the museum they are more tame, and you can try to pet their snouts.

In the dark, mysterious flourecent rock room, some glowing specimens...

Art depicting Wyoming dinasaurs by early scholars in the field.

inspired Kathy. On the left is her thumbtack art work done on Rick's guest office bulletin board after the museum visit.

Also, Kathy created these dinosaurs who decided to eat the drawings of boxes they found on the guest office blackboard.

The dinosaurs are trying to eat quietly while Rick begins work on his mathematics lecture for tomorrow. (This will be his third lecture this trip! Two math and one music.)

A little while later, in Jeffry'ss restaurant we met Bryan and Chanyoung's daughter Sara, who was as intent as Rick on working on a project. It was a small "Maxwell engine" mechanism her grandfather had brought her back from a scientific meeting.

Here, her dad Bryan demonstrates.

The whole group at dinner.

We had to come to Laramie to discover we really like this Alaskan beer!

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