July, 2007

One of the most delightful aspects of the conference (in addition to the math) is renewing our friendships with our wonderful friends. Here on the left Reza Khosravshahi, from IPM in Tehran, our good friend and gracious host during our visits to conferences in Iran. In the center is Rick's former graduate student at Caltech, Peter Dukes , now professor at University of Victoria, Canada.

Good friends who shared our experiences during our visit to Iran, Willem Haemers, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont.

Our dear friend and host Curt Lindner, Auburn University, Alabama, giving his unusually illustrated talk at the conference here.

So much charisma!

Another pleasure is experiencing the food of the areas we visit. This soup served at the conference lunch is a traditional one, containing small, tasty gnocchi.

Here a traditional Lokse (potato pancake with filling).

We've been enjoying the Slovak wines. The most common drink is Slovak beer, and we've heard it said that a good bottle of beer in Bratislava is cheaper than water, and it's true.

Marco Buratti, University of Perugia, Italy, and author of two books of palindromes, became a friend at the recent conference in Japan. Here he is speaking on " Some problems on cycle decompositions of the cocktail party graph".

Us at lunch at the conference center in Bratislava.

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