Autumn, 2005 with Rick and Kathy

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You definitely need to taste this to tell how fantastic and unusual this is. That is not bread under there, it's Harry's fantastic "sausage polenta" (no meat just strong spicy herbs with polenta cooked into a loaf). It is like nothing else. We had not had this for a year, and we were again thoroughly in love! Harry served this meal at our friends Stephen and Lisa's home the morning we drove from San Francisco to Pasadena... the beginning of a wonderful visit.

Back in Pasadena he made poached eggs in our new poacher, and served them Eggs Benedict with his homemade Hollandaise sauce on his own handmade rye bread!


This frittata has to be seen (and tasted) to be believed. It is gigantic, for one thing and the purple potatoes and bright yellow cheese make it a rainbow frittata.

Artichoke stuffed with grated celery root with walnuts in a garlicky vinaigrette. Set on top is the peeled delicious stem of this artichoke! Harry chose the "European" variety, with a long edible stem. (We had to search for celery root...none of the markets nearby had one. It was worth searching for!)

Another hard thing to find ...Harry wanted to make an oyster appetizer. These are small East coast oysters, battered (with cornstarch) and fried gently. Seved with Harry's a homemade tartare sauce, with olive oil AND butter, pickles, green onion, and capers. The texture was delicate, the sauce vibrant and delicious.

Harry made a spicy pasta sauce for these brown rice noodles. We all tend to avoid wheat, and these noodles were wonderful. Held together and had a great taste (from Trader Joe's).

Ah...shall this be a mystery? This is not dessert! It is strawberry-banana daiquiris...with chips and spicy quacamole. Harry gave us these great (plastic) glasses...and this was the BEGINNING a wonderful meal!!

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