Rick ground each bean with a 'mortar and pestle' and served coffee with morning hugs

Birthday breakfast! Rick warmed up (homemade) pizza from last night. Everyone knows leftover pizza is the best breakfast possible.

A Perfect Birthday Song!

"Tell me the tales that to me were so dear
Long, long ago, long long ago.
Sing me the song I delighted to hear,
Long long ago, long long ago."

Birthday Math Lesson!
"My brain does not even hurt!"

Then, better for counting on one's fingers, Kathy painted five (or six) petaled flowers on each one.

Time for coffee, especially since Rick started that Math lesson with the words of the great Hungarian mathematician Erdos, "A mathematician is a machine that converts coffee into theorems."

For coffee we chose "Zephyr Coffee and Art, a coffeehouse known for poetry, art, music events and atmosphere. We thought we had never been here before, but actually we forgot. We attended a friend's musical performance of Irish flute tunes here! The crepe and salad were great, as was the "Americano".

By that time we could count on our toes!

Rick took Kathy to Gigi's Dance Clothing, for ballet shoes and a leotard.

And now for yoga class at Caltech, one of my favorite things....Rick came and watched the last few minutes...dinner was a mutual improvisation we made together of wild rice topped with toasted pine nuts, spicy turkey bacon and sasauge, with romaine lettuce. definitely on the list of our favorite inspired improvisatory meals, which we made quickly so we could go to

a lecture at the Huntington: The Gardens of Guangdong Province.

We were so glad we went! It was by Richard Strassberg, professor of Asian languages and culture at UCLA, who presented a slide lecture on regional influences in Chinese garden design, as exemplified by four gardens in the Guangdong Province in southern China. It was the first in a four-part series on the history and culture of Chinese Gardens. He used slides from his visits to the 4 four special and important gardens in the region. The Huntington is in the midst of building one of the largest Chinese Gardens outside of Asia.

For a final "course" of the day Kathy requested a lesson from Rick, in 19th century flute. The last two weeks he's given her a lesson in renaissance, and then baroque flutes. This time he chose to focus on the five-key French flute. Kathy was introduced to, and had the pleasure of playing on one of Rick's favorites, the Tulou flute.

We looked at Tulou's method for the flute, with fingerings and the special uses of the five keys!

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