Last Mathematical Talk, Fortunate Musical Finds

Diminishing snow on the drive from Laramie to Fort Collins

We had fun with our friend Eric Morehouse, we found a Nepalese flute for Rick and a "Spring Drum" that sounds like a hurricane or giant snowstorm (see final photo), and had a delicious Cajun lunch at Lucille's. Eric found a Nigerian ceramic percussion instrument to replace one he used to have from his 3 year stay during a teaching visit there.

Kathy with the symbolic snowball!

A few hours walking in the downtown area

Rick's talk: More on Decompostions of Edge-colored Complete Graphs

He used both computer display and whiteboard drawings.

Dinner with a friendly group of mathematicians at the Taj Mahal. Rick got to choose the kind of food, since he traveled the furthest to get to this seminar. The 2nd and 4th Friday seminar talks in Fort Collins had been a tradition since the 1980's.

Our new "toy"... a spring drum!

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