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We will add more updates about this wonderful visit (full of good fortune) soon!
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(Most recent update: August 7, 2004)

We learned right away that NAGOYA is a city of GOOD FORTUNE!

*******************The beginning of our stay was joyful and dramatic in all GOOD ways. We were met at the airport by two sweet people who immediately became GOOD friends. They were sent by our most GRACIOUS host, Masakaza Jimbo from Nagoya University. They carried print outs of pictures of us from our web site so they would be sure to recognize us. It is very amusing to be GREETED happily by our own pictures.

Kathy was greeted by her own picture in another way too. After a few minutes of talking to Miyako, who accompanied her husband, Kazuhiro Ozawa, the mathematician from Gifu University, near Nagoya, who met us at the airport, Kathy and Miyako discovered that they were 'twins'.

Miyako makes beautiful jewelry too, and sells it to boutiques. Before we said goodbye, Miyako had given Kathy the necklace she was wearing and her ring.

Miyako's jewelry is beautifully crafted with crystal and glass beads.

Kathy gave Miyako her own bracelet and several rings she made that she was wearing...This was an auspicious beginning to our visit.

We were quickly brought to our beautiful and completely functional hotel room at the University Club and within a couple of hours we had seen an outdoor Noh opera performance, gone to the 51st floor of Nagoya Station to view the city, eaten a 21 course meal at a specialty tofu restaurant, and gone to 'Hello Kitty's' 30th birthday party. See our great host Masakaza Jimbo on the right. Miyako's husband, Kazuhiro Ozawa is on the left.

*******************After ten minutes in our hotel room, we were taken to an OPEN-AIR performance of 'Takiginoh,'a traditional variety of Japanese Noh drama.(That is what we have pictured at the top of this page.)'Takigi'refers to fire. 'Noh' is the kind of drama. On either side of the open air stage, torches were burning in the traditional manner. The dramatic backdrop was the city of Nagoya at night, alive and with cranes poised for construction work. This beautiful city will host an international festival next year, and the signs of preparation are everywhere.

Part of the drama is a group of musicians and small chorus. Two drums were played, one on the shoulder and one on the knee, as you can see here. There was one transverse flute, and singers.

After watching the drama for a while, we left and went to the 'Towers' in the background. The lower section houses the modern Shinkansen train station, and the upper part is called 'Panorama House'. Our hosts took us by elevator to the 51st floor viewing section. From there can be seen the city of Nagoya, the Nobi Plain, as well as the Japan Alps, Mt. Onatake, the Ise Bay and the Suzuka Mountains.

Visitors here are told they "should forget about time itself. Why not enjoy the summit of relaxation?" Appropriately, but not pictured, we saw some fireworks over the city, as if in welcome. It was Sunday night, and we were told we were seeing a few leftovers from the weekly Saturday night fireworks demonstration.


We came to see Nagoya as a city of GOOD FORTUNE and friendship through the eyes of our gracious host, Masa Jimbo, who greeted us with OPEN arms and a wonderful smile. He really made Nagoya OURS for three days, not only as a host but he OPENED his heart to us as friends.


One afternoon he took us to Inuyama Castle, walking distance from his home, but an hour subway ride from his work at Nagoya University. His wife, Maya, met us there.

This was one of our great stairclimbing expeditions, but it was well worth it.

From the massive stairs on the outside to the narrow inner stairs of the multi-level castle fortress we ascended into this restored 15th century fortress. It is the oldest standing castle in Japan.

At the top, a dramatic interior.

and spectacular views.

We had a wonderful time together, and had an unforgettable experience.


We were so DELIGHTED with our good fortune when when we arrived at Nagoya University, and were taken to our room! In Busan we had a wonderful time, but our room and facilities were difficult. Here we were comfortable, we were given robes, in the traditional Japanese manner, we had hot water and green tea bags in our room, it was spacious and cool. Of course we did not get much time there, because we were always busy, but when we were, we really relaxed and enjoyed it!

We always started our day with little Japanese crackers and tea.


Our three days in Nagoya were amazingly full, and flew by, and before we knew it we were
leaving for Kyoto




(July 28 to August 2, 2004)

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