SUNDAY, July 31 and MONDAY, August 1, 2005

Grandma with the boys.

It was a wonderful treat to have Tim drive up from San Diego with his two boys! Everyone came for dinner at our Santa Barabra condo. The next morning we all met for breakfast at Moby Dick's right on the Santa Barbara Wharf. You can see the fun that progressed, in each location, as all good parties do...from a calm, friendly beginning to a boisterous happy ending.

As soon as they arrived at our Santa Barbara home Dylan and Grandma got to work.
See "(Potato) Head to Foot with Dylan and Kathy"

"I'd give her anything she asked for, she's the best Great-Grandma!"

The passing of the pink feather.

"I'm a real Dodger fan, see my tattoo!"

Ah, progress toward...

The boisterous happy ending.

The next morning.
The view from Moby Dick's

"I'm so hungry I could eat my train!"

"And I could count my creamers!"

"I'm patient with my gramdma, I know she loves me, but she's a silly one!"

Ah, here we go again...

Whoops... even the "adults" are getting into the act!

Colleen's dance partner Joel, a professional dancer and teacher, gave Kathy a salsa lesson on the breakfast floor. Kathy's been taking Beginning Salsa at Caltech. Colleen and Joel met us for this 7 a.m. breakfast, as it was the only time during their intense performance and rehearsal schedule that they could appear!

Ready to leave for a performance on Sunday.

Balloon delivery boat approaching??

The boisterous happy ending!

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