Leela'a belly-dance classes are full of smiles and laughing. Everyone has a great time and she is a great teacher. Her modular approach to learning endows her "ducklings" with many moves that they can mix and match to create many beautiful, flowing dances. Her sessions are full of witty, insightful comments you would not want to forget. A couple of favorites are included below.

"If you get lost in your dance, just get back on anyway you can... take the 5, the 405, the 101, whatever it takes."

"We're like a mandala. I love when many creatures can create together...something that one creature could never make."

Here's one creature.

More sayings of Leela:
Talking of where the muscles are, that needed to be worked for some moves,
a student said: "I can't find themn at all!"
Leela says: "Did you look in the car?"

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