PART ONE (September 7, 2005)

Our most popular overnight guest!!
Fan club members are delighted! Mary is unpacking her bags for an overnight stay in our "guest suite".

Mom brought Kathy a birthday hummingbird.

Birthday hummingbird finds the sweetest flower.

Another present for Kathy. A stack of vintage coasters. She was shaken and stirred!

Mom looks at Kathy's birthday page at Kathy's computer desk. This is where it all happens!

Mom with the history of mathematics in the background. (On our bedroom wall.) She looks "calculatingly cool".

We took Mom to the Athenaeum for the Wednesday night buffet. She loved the shrimp and roast beef especially.

The elegant setting. Our family dinner, the night before our wedding, took place in a nearby room.

"Wonderful! Can I come here for my birthday too?"

The dessert table.

Kathy is so happy. "This has been my best birthday ever!" she says.

Look who else is thrilled! After dinner, leaving the Athenaeum. Thank you Rick, for giving us Caltech, this wonderful world.

Mom attends and photographs Kathy's ballet class at the Caltech Athletic Club.

Thank you Mamma...(Mary sent Kathy to ballet classes for a year or two when she was little. Now Kathy has attended 4 more hours of ballet, beginning to recapture her childhood!)
After this we went home to sleep...
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