Updated October 13, 2005

OCTOBER 1–9, 2005

For the purpose of attending (Oct. 2— Oct. 5) the SYMPOSIUM IN HONOUR OF PROF.DR. J.H. VAN LINT, Rick's long-time friend and co-author of his book "A Course in Combinatorics" The Symposium was held at the Conference Center Koningshof, Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

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  • Arrival in Holland (Amsterdam) by plane

  • A Day in Utrecht

  • A Gathering of Friends in Honor of Jack van Lint in Veldhoven

  • Rick's Talk and Other Highlights of the Conference

  • Kathy's Portrait Gallery of Speakers

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    See more about the Symposium in honor of Jack van Lint
    Read Memorial Biography of Jack van Lint by N.G. de Bruijn, Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Eindhoven.

  • Kathy in front of the Rijksmuseum and Rick planning our way through Amsterdam
    during our two day visit in 2003.

    See more about our visit in 2003:

  • Visit with David and Nina Shorey, who were living there in 2003; now they are living in Los Angeles. (By a happy coincidence they were in Amsterdam visiting at the same time as we were this visit, the story of our reunion coming soon!) See also this recent story David and Nina at the Flute Convention in San Diego August, 2005.

  • a musical visit to flute collector Jaap Frank (2003)
  • a fascinating visit to the Rijksmuseum (2003)

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