with the Wednesday Evening Critique
and Poetry Party
at Kath and Rick's, February 14, 2007

Poets in Love!
Around the table from the left:
Mira Mataric, Debbie Kolodji, Don Campbell, Steven Radice, and his sweetheart Gail, (sometimes you'll see Kath in the spot, but right now she's taking the photo), Rick Wilson, Peggy Carter, and Jack.

Thinking Poets

Silly Poets

Innocent Poets?

Mischievous Poets

Sad Poets

Sleepy Poets

Kath and Rick hosting the Poetry Party
Dinner snacks this time included Kath's traditional Maltese soup (minestra); curried corn, spicy black lentils, homemade chive cream cheese dip, Kath's chocolate chip cookies and macaroons

Don Kingfisher Campbell
hosting the Wednesday Evening Critique
with his party favor "pink gel marker" as featured in Kath's Poem "Couplets in Bed" (see SGVPQ #32).
After the musical entertainment, we ended the evening with our poetry workshop. Each poet read a current poem followed by friendly and insightful discussion.

The Musical Entertainment
Steven Radice is our friend, singer, a composer of songs, poet, and player of ukulele, guitar, percussion and keyboards

His program for the Evening, "A Love Song Medley", began with "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen" with "noodling" accompaniment by Rick on an 1843 ten-key Viennese flute. Kath was particularly delighted as her father used to sing her that song growing up.

Steven invited Kath to play her Vietnamese DanMo for accompaniment on "Shine On Harvest Moon", with Rick on flute.

Later Kath sang a lilting rendition of "Kkkkkaty" to finish the program, with Steven accompanying

You can here some of Steven's songs on his GarageBand site
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