May 10 - 13, 2009

On arrival, at the Frankfurt airport!

DAY 1: Afternoon Arrival

A view of our plane and and the airport as we arrived. We got out the back door, so were able to have this view!

Reading "Time and Materials" by Robert Hass at the Frankfurt airport waiting for our baggage. This inspired 15 poems I wrote on the plane! (editing now)

Frankfurt city street.

Beautiful table cover our friend Peter brought back from Bangladesh. (He just got back from there, his engineering business has some things made there). Bangladesh has now come up three times on this trip. My writng journal for the trip was made there. Our shuttle driver to LAX was from there. Now this... Elisabeth made us a beautiful welcome lunch and served it on this background!

We loved this apple ale that is a favorite of Peter's, served at lunch . It is alchoholic and was so refreshing after our plane journey. Not sweet

.Peter and Rick at the door of Peter and Elizabeth's home.

The lane where they live.

You can see their front door and steps in the foreground.

Our hotel, very expensive because of events in the city this week! It is nice but not elegant in any way.

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