PART TWO, THE NEXT DAY (September 8, 2005)

Mom always tells Kathy how much she enjoyed her coffee and hot rolls, her late breakfast after Kathy was born. Kathy served her an elegant breakfast in bed on a tray in our guest bed, hot coffee in Rick's mother's cup, and a warm croissant, her favorite.

All the animals are watching. Mom is reading this book we gave her, which takes place in Shanghai and Suzhou, two places Kathy and Rick know from their travels.

Brunch...Kathy made homemade pizza!

Another of Rick's Mom's teacups, with an elegant "teabag" and holder from Colleen.

Packing for the trip home. (Doesn't she also win the prize for the neatest guest suitcase?)

Rick is making his first movie! Rick and Colleen gave Kathy a small digital videocamera as a birthday gift. Rick is documenting the departure. ( A clickable video available below.)

"Thank you Rick for a wonderful time, and for making my daughter so happy!"

This woman comes prepared. As soon as she got in the car, she unwrapped her traveling lollypop.

The sweet lady in pink who made it all possible.

"Bye Mom, we love you! We'll see you in the movie!" Come back soon!

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