updated October, 2009

Pasadena, December, 2005
Catalina Ave (near Caltech) looking north-- photo by Rick Wilson

PASADENA: A Personal View of Cultural Recources and Events See Poets on Site for the rich and vital active poetry community and events in Pasadena linked strongly with the arts, science, nature and music.

Our home is on a quiet residential street in Pasadena, and we have such a rich cultural environment here, that it is hard to convince us to go to Los Angeles! My husband and I return to these places again and again, so this is easy reference for us, and a useful "insiders" tool for those who want to enjoy the riches of this unusual and richly cultured city.

Pasadena Visitors Calendar

We live a block from the beautiful Caltech campus, and all thecultural advantages (calendar) of an institution on the forefront of higher learning. This is our greatest treasure. On this calendar you'll find day by day events on campus. Also here is the calendar for the Public Event Series at Caltech. Caltech provides this interesting calendar of events around town.

and local advice for new students

The Huntington Library, Galleries and Gardens are a 20 minute walk from Caltech

as is the wonderful Pacific Asia Museum.

The Armory Center for the Arts has exceptional exhibits and programs a 25 minute walk away

as is the Pasadena Museum of California Art, a jewel of a museum, just a few years old, with innovative contemporary and historical California art shows that are amazing.

The Norton Simon Art Museum one of the most beautiful and best of U.S. Museums is a 35 minute walk.

We have memberships in all of the above

The Boston Court Performing Arts Complex is a 10 minute walk from Caltech. It is a wonderful arts center, having two small theaters, for drama and music, with an eclectic, avant-garde selection of the best in contemporary performing arts. We are so lucky to have this in our neighborhood. Susan Dubay Art and Gallery

the Pasadena Playhouse are each several blocks away.


  • Southwest Chamber Music premier performance group
  • Lynn Vartan Website premier percussionist and Kathabela's teacher
  • Pasadena Conservatory of Music
  • Caltech Womens Glee Club
  • Caltech Occidental Orchestra

  • Music at Noon Wednesdays

  • The Pasadena Culture Site is an interesting source for events and groups in Pasadena

  • Art Resources, Pasadena City also
  • Cuture in Pasadena, theaters, concet halls,etc
  • Kathabela's "Outsider Page" gives you a personal overview of the range of possiblities at Caltech and the surrounding area.
  • See Kathy$&Rick Home Page for more current adventures.