Rick and Kathy
with comments and suggestions

at 439 S Catalina Avenue #306
Pasadena, CA 91106


Our cell phones are (best to call) Kathy 805-886-9384
Rick 626-818-0893
Pasadena home phone (FAX) is 626-792-1369.
directions to our homes


YOUR ROOM is more than a room, it is a suite, with your own bathroom and shower. Be prepared to be surrounded by books, art, and music, and overwhelmed by the history of civilization. It is always good to know what you are getting into, so here is a little introduction to the facilities, followed by a short quiz.

THE OUTDOOR POOL and HOT TUB are just downstairs from our condo. You can see them from the balcony. They are at a comfortable temperature all year round. You can use them until 10 pm week nights, and 11 pm on weekends. This can be an important and relaxing part of the visiting experience, so don't forget a bathing suit. Walk out our door, turn left, go down the hall to the door, down the stairs, which will lead out to the pool area. Be sure to take your guest key with you, to get back in

GARDEN While we don't have a garden at ground level, our home is full of plants, and orchids. Our balcony is always bloom with something. You can sit outside and read, surrounded by greenery, overlooking the pool.

LOCATION Our home is on a quiet residential street, a block from the beautiful Caltech campus, hence adjacent to a good library and all the cultural advantages (calendar) of an institution on the forefront of higher learning. This is our greatest treasure. The Huntington Library, Galleries and Gardens are a 25 minute walk, as is the Pacific Asia Museum, The Fine Artists Factory; The Armory Center for the Arts , and the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The Norton Simon Art Museum is 35 minutes. We have memberships in all of them. The Pasadena Playhouse is several blocks away.


RESTARAUNTS AND SHOPPING We are a block from a major shopping area, though you would not guess it if you stand in front of our building. Within a three block radius we have a large natural foods store, Trader Joe's, a supermarket, hundreds of restaurants, including three Indian restaurants, six sushi bars, our favorite Thai restaurant, coffee shops, several dvd-video sale and rental shops, two large bookstores, several post offices, a department store, more banks than you want to know, and much much more.Sometimes, when we are in Pasadena we can go all week without using our car, and then drive to Santa Barbara. BED The guest bed is a really good one. It has a firm mattress, and you will be really comfortable. We have a futon in the house, so if you have guests we can move it into your room. There are several couches so we can sleep about 8 or 9 people if necessary after a good party, in fact we are proud to have hosted Chris Norman, (celtic flutist) and his whole band one night.

INTERNET ACCESS There is a "guest laptop" in your room, especially for your use with wireless connection. You can use it anytime.

CLOTHES STORAGE You can put your clothes and other things away, just like at home, rather than living from a suitcase. You can use the empty white drawers next to the file cabinets, and the clothes tree and hangers.

LAUNDRY There is a washer and dryer right next to your room. Use it anytime. We have to use it sometimes (one of our few intrusions into your suite.)

BLANKETS AND TOWELS There's a clean towel on the back of the bathroom door, and extra towels and washcloths by your sink. The 'fish towels' on the shower door are yours too.

WASHROOM SUPPLIES There are extra toothbrushes in the bathroom, you can pick your favorite and take it home if you would like. On th counter and in the drawer in the guest bathroom are extra things you might want to use, like sunscreen and facial treatments, nail clippers, aspirins, etc. The soaps and shampoos, etc are for you to use too.

WATER A Brita pitcher of fresh water is by your sink for drinking. Also you can always have bottles of sparkling water from the refrigerator whenever you want. Take some into your room at night, too, We have it delivered, so there is always a lot of it here, in small bottles. Also a Brita Water pitcher for cooking and drinking, next to the microwave in the kitchen.

TO CLEAN UP A MESS If something spills, grab any small dark green towel you see. That's what we use. You'll find them in the pantry if you don't see one by the sink. Throw them in the washing machine. TOWELS IN THE KITCHEN: Green is for floors, red in the design is for table and counters, yellow is for hands, and white is for dishes.

PARKING The parking rules in Pasadena are: During the weekdays on our street, there is parking for only two hours without moving the car, until 6pm.
***There is no parking on the street any night at between 2am and 6am. So be sure we put your car in the underground garage when necessary.

*PHONE There is a Pasadena phone book, as well as a Santa Barbara one, in the room. See below--if you need to borrow our guest cell phone for your visit. s between your guest phone and Rick or Kathy's cell phone are free minues anytime.

Your guest keys to the house are in the red basket right inside our front door. The gold one is to the outside of the building. Also be sure you have the little automatic garage door opener too. (The garage door can also be opened with the building key.)

Your room adjoins the main living room, so you will always feel part of the family. But we've installed beautiful douglas fir, sliding pocket doors which you can proudly use to have privacy at night, and whenever you want. We have matching doors too, as our room also adjoins the main room, on the opposite wall. We leave as our beautiful doors open (and unseen) most of the time as it makes the place feel bigger, and more colorful, but we love excuses to close and look at them. (And sometimes close them for privacy.) It makes us feel that we were not crazy to pay so much to install them!

CD PLAYER There is a cd player-radio on the shelf next to your bed. Use it anytime. For close listening, the stereo system in the living room is great. Have us show you how to use it.

They are mostly in the two floor to ceiling alcoves in the living room, arranged by composer, period, and within those sections, by color. The new music is in the right had alcove, left wall shelves. Near the front door, player you will find world music. In your guest hallway you will find gift cd's from and by friends, jazz, popular, and odd collections.

The little TV in your room works. It only gets abour 8 channels. Feel free to use it.There's a remote there. One of the channels is a cartoon channel.

We use the larger TV in the living room with a DVD player and VCR. We have a good collection of movies, we can watch some together. If there is a movie you'd like to watch while you are here, let us know and we'll have it here from Netflix.

As well as the combination radio-cd player There is a good radio, which has an alarm, at the head of your bed. It even has short wave possibilities, so if you know how to use it you can hear voices from afar. The instruction book is by the radio. There is another CLOCK in your room with an alarm as well.

as we subscribe to two daily papers: The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. Coffee, morning chocolate, breakfast and the papers is a daily tradition here. We also subscribe to The New Yorker magazine, The Nation, The Funny Times and Early Music America.We don't watch TV news.

WHERE THE BOOKS ARE-- The math books, gardening and cookbooks are in the kitchen. Philosophy, psychology and sociology, and many of the and novels are in your room and the laundry room (part of your suite). Artbooks are in the living room, and your room. Our collection of the works of James Joyce and commentaries and biographical Joyce works have their own case in the living room. A large collection of poetry books are in several cases in the living room. Feel free to look through our travel journals photos, and Kathy's artistic journals in the bookcases by the balcoony doors. They include drawings and notes on our travels to U.S, cities, Paris, Amsterdam, Kyoto, Shanghai, Taiwan and Iran. The worktable on the right of the balcony doors is for jewelry, on the left is for other art works.

You won't have to ask where the LP's are. There are thousands of them in your room. The record player is in the living room.

TIME-- There is an alarm clock at the head of your bed, so you need not bring one. The radio also has an alarm.

SUITCASES AND CARRYING THINGS TO THE CAR There is an extra suitcases with wheels for you to borrow, just let us know.

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IF YOU'RE HOT--Use the fan in your room, open the blinds and window, and remind us to turn on the air conditioning. Our wonderful central palm leaf ceiling fan keeps good air circulation.

IF YOU'RE COLD We can light the fireplace. Kathy did the tile work around it, and we love to use it. We also have central heating. Ask us to turn it on. There are lots of extra blankets in the laundry room.

MUSIC Please bring any musical instruments you play, and any sheet music specific to ensemble playing with your instrument. We have lots of sheet music in the file cabinets in your room (another intrusion), but you might have something we don't have. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN THE HOUSE We have: a small Italian harpsichord, built by Daniel Jencka, on loan until he finishes building our Flemish; 150 European and American flutes; a couple dozen recorders; ***7/07--newest additions***Slovakian Fujara, and 3 other Slovakian flutes, A gakaku Japanese flute, *** Several tin whistles; 16 Chinese dizi; a Bulgarian kaval; a new Persian ney (a gift from Iranian friends); a Native American flute( a gift from Peter Phippen); a Japanese shinobue from our recent trip to Kyoto, and two Korean flutes from our recent trip there; a slide whistle; a consort of crumhorns; two cornetti; a collection of percussion instruments 7/07***this list needs updating as 4 recent International trips resulted in more!**** two Indonesian drums, one with horse teeth from Korea, and another from Phil Wilson's store in Columbus, Ohio. Small drums (one a gift from Nan and Pete Evans) (another is Native American), tambourines, wood blocks, (European and Chinese (one we bought in Shanghai), a high hat cymbal on stand, Tibetan cymbals ( large and small), triangle, cowbell, claves, castanets, and a medium small xylophone; a Vietnamese Dan Mo; a slide whistle, an unusual rattle; a ukulele, (a gift from Harry Bower); a corroded baroque trumpet in playing condition; a Tibetan thigh bone trumpet that we inherited from Fred Kasper (By the way, Rick was once complimented by Fred on his playing of it. Rick says its because he practiced the the cornetto once); several ocarinas; a bass rankett.............

NEIGHBORS We have great neighbors, and they love our music. But we try to stop playing at 10pm on weekdays, except for very quiet things, and stop that at 11pm. On weekends we can extend this by about an hour.

Meet our recent overnight guests

ON FOOD ETC. Do you have any restrictions we should know about? Any food you are used to having that you would miss? What are your favorites? anything you just can't stand? (We won't allow bell peppers in the house.) Do you drink red wine? White wine? Beer? No alcohol? Have a favorite tea or soad? Do you like coffee? (We make it in the morning.)Tea? (We drink a lot.) Decaf or regular? Do you use milk or sugar? Do you like things spicy or not? Are you allergic to anything? Any health issues we should know about? Any time constraints...i.e. "Don't plan anything after 8 pm, etc)

Please answer these questions, it makes us feel happier and more relaxed in preparing for your visit! And add general comments we have not thought to ask about.

email Kathy and Rick.

RESERVATIONS AND PLANS Let us know anything you would like us to plan while you are here.

OUR OTHER HOME in Santa Barbara will probably be part of your visit, as we divide our time, and enjoy being there too! It has an even more beautiful pool and hot tub. It is much smaller than our Pasadena condo, so it is cozier with guests, but worth the close quarters to experience its exotic environment. It is across the street from the ocean and next door to the Santa Barbara Zoo, as well as walking distance from all shopping and downtown, the Sant Barbara Museum of Art and the Karpeles Manuscript Library, the Santa Barbara Sunday Arts and Crafts Show, and a beautiful fully functioning restored antique carousel. With special planning we may be able to arrange a visit to Lotusland one of our favorite places anywhere, the personal garden creation of Madame Ganna Walska situated in the foothills of Montecito to the east of the city of Santa Barbara.

WHERE THINGS ARE is subject to change at any time, but we try to update the information when we make important changes. We are looking forward to your visit!
Love, and warm greetings, from Rick and Kathy

Stories and Photos of their visits!

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*We have a guest cell phone we'd like you to use if you don't have your own. That way, if we or you get lost, or need advice at the store, we can talk. It is at the head of the bead, where the charger is located and ready for charging each night. The instruction book is with it. The guest phone has all the phone numbers you might need...except people that you know, that we don't know! IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW OUR OUR CALLING PLAN. During the wekdays, For long calls on weekdays before 7 pm, have people call you on the home phone, 626-792 1369. We now have a two good remote home phones. You can take it into your room.

(Don't make long distance calls with the home phone, use the cell phone.) During weekdays before 7, only talk for short times on the guest phone, even if someone calls you. However if you know the person has another AT&T or Cingular cell phone is, it is free minutes anytime. The best times for long cell phone conversations are ALL WEEKEND, starting 7pm Friday night to Monday at 6 am and ANY WEEKNIGHT, after 7pm our time, and before 6am, when minutes are free nationwide. Also, holidays are unlimited call days. SHORTER CALLS, nationwide, can be made anytime, and will just be absorbed unnoticed, in our plan. Call