A walk from the IPM to Faculty Guest House

It was about a twenty minute walk through back streets mostly steeply downhill from the IPM after the lectures yesterday, back through the guesthouse. Mostly we are driven and the drive, not on the "shortcut route, takes at least as long, or longer. We could not have found our way ourselves but one of our group, Wilhelm Hammers, from the Netherlnds, memorized the route from the conference three years ago.

Pansies are in bloom here for Spring.

Our group. The street trees are in full leaf along the way.

The greeness is influenced by a waterly atmosphere. Along the side of many roads a stream flows, from the melting snow of th snow melting snow on the mountains beyond the city. Even though the snow is easily seen, it had been in the high 70's to 80's in the city during our visit so far.

Our friend Brendan Mckay, from Australia, pointed out that here, the trees are most important. This wall was obviously built around the tree. No treess were destroyed to build this wall.

We passed one of the many small bakeries that dot the city.

Bread just out of the oven...is it sangak?

The neighborhoods varied on the walk, from simple and small business, to more formal residential. In the center is Willem, who knows the way. The mysterious women are not Iranian, in the front is Aart Blokhuis's wife Agi and Willem's wife, both from the Netherlands.

Trees leaning accompanied by flowers.

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