THE HUNTINGTON GARDENS, Sunday, October 22, 2006

On Sunday I walked to the Huntington Gardens, one of my favorite places in the world, and a half hour walk from our home. It is a beautiful walk that I take as often as I can. Today I had in mind to see the newly displayed Bukowski manuscript in the Library (more about that later), a token hint of a future huge display of his work to celebrate the donation of his archives to the Huntington. But I was surprised to find that the annual orchid show at the Huntington was this weekend, and I had less than an hour before closing time. (Not much time for such an amazing display, but better to be in the world or orchids for a short time than not at all! It took place in the Conservatory and Botanical Center.

The Huntington's description of the even promised "hauntingly beautiful flowers". In fact, "All Hallowed Orchids" was the theme and the orchids bloomed bravely amidst the ghouls. This display focused on scaring the visitors. These giant creatures in the foreground, they claim, are real live orchids.

Red ribbons are first place winners. It is always amazing to see so many orchids at once.

The orchids definitely outdo the other decorations. One could become lost in just one bloom, and here, overwhelmingly many.

During my short visit there was one plant that I really noticed and enjoyed. It was more red than any orchid I have ever seen. It is front and center in this display.

I looked closer, and I could see its name.

Sweet Beauty

Afterwards I had ten minutes to look through the vast sale in a different location, with tents of sellers, and last minute buyers. I fell in love with one plant, because it reminded me of the one I had noticed...

Here is is in our home, and amazingly, it seems the same or very close. It was a surprise as I was really in a rush, and chose it without thinking! Except I remember how I thought it would match our yellow and red room.

In spite of what a coincidence this was, I actually had a hard time deciding to choose this one. Amidst the sellers, "Orchids of Los Osos" where I found this plant, stood out with the most amazing orchids. Lured by their of the fragrant varieties, I had all I could do to keep my eye on "Sweet Beauty" amidst their selection! But I am glad I did.

Sweet Beauty
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