Our disc collection is vast and is mainly Classical Music of all periods, from Early to Contemporary. We have a lot of flute music, of course, as Rick is a player and collector of historical flutes. We have a lot of vocal music. And we especially love and collect World Music of all kinds, as well as some jazz, dance and classic popular tunes from the first half of this century. (Our record collection mirrors those interests, and is also immense, but first we'll organize the discs, as they are easier to handle!)

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bottom shelf– VIENNA WALTZES sample 1: "Bonbons aus Wien", The Boskovsky Ensemble, 1991
Rare Old Vienna Dances were a "labor of love", led by long time concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic, Willi Boskovsky. They are presented here in their original scoring, a small group of Vienna Philharmonic artists did this "for fun" (and this recording). Interspersing mainly Josef Lanner and Johann Strauss(Sr and Jr), there's a little dance music of Mozart and Schubert added to complete the Viennese dance. The notes say that Strauss used to enjoy listening to Lanner's own performances of Lanner, whose waltzes are somewhat quieter and more introspective. They are all lesser known works, so the disc is interesting in that alone. One would always wish they were plaing period instruments. Boskovsky died during the preparation of the recordings, and his wife said he was especially fond of these and was looking forward to their release on CD. OVC8015.


sample 1:Glenn Gould Salzburg Recital, 25 August 1959
This sampling shows aptly the range of Gould's interests. Sweelinck, Schoenberg, Mozart, Bach. The notes contain a fascinating memoir by Silvia Kind (1990) harpsichordist, Professor Emeritus University of Washington, Seattle, and friend of Glenn Gould. Music and Arts CD 677.


sample 1: Sweelink Organ Works, James David Christie, Organ, 1993
Sweelink was the son of an organist, and lived most of his life in Amsterdam, and was famous as an performer, composer, and specialist on organ construction. This is a fascinating collection, and one feels immediatewly drawn into a different world. James David Christie is a specialist in eartly music, founder and director of "Ensemble Abendmusic", a period instrument orchestra and chorus, devoted to the seventeenth century. He was the first American to win a Bruges International Organ Competition (1979) and to win both first and audience prize. Naxos 8.550904.


sample 1: Sidus Preclarum, by Joh. Ciconia Complete Motets, Mala Punica, 1998
"We aim to renew music and establish what has never been heard before." Johannes Ciconia, Nova Musica. Incredible textual notes by Pedro Memelsdorf, recorder player and leader of Mala Punica, follow this quote and accompany this beautiful absolutely "otherworldly" disc.