December 4, 2006

The Caltech Men and Women's Glee Clubs happily celebrated their great term of singing and fun, and a successful holiday concert together at Sophie's

From left to right, Desiress's husband, Lee McNall, Carol Miller, Desiree, Virginia (Virgi) Mateo

Kjerstin Williams on Desiree's right

Thanks for doing the arranging, Heather, on the right

Shannon Browne in the center, a soloist at the concert, Julie, and Debbi, who played percussion

Natalia Deligne, Noele Norris (who is much prettier than this photo), Po-Ling Loh, Andrew Hobbs

Desserts by friends

Salads and drinks--Desiree made delicious soup that was gone too fast to photograph!

Poh-Ling Loh and Andrew Hobbs, Kathy Wilson on the right

On the left of the tree is Kerstin Preuschoff, on the right is Joanna Brown, Desiree, Kjerstin, Ashley Potts, holding the red cup in the foreground

Kathy and Jian Yuan Thum

Rick Wilson, Prof of Mathematics (Kathy's husband) was there and took the photos

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