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Our Pasadena home is like a museum in many ways...an art museum. We collect the original work of our friends, our own work, interesting art from our travels, and prints of some of our favorite artworks.


"A Natural Selection" Kerry Tomlinson, friend, Santa Barbara
(In center of picture above, oil on canvas, 4 3/4' x 3 1/2')
"Pomegranate Table and Chairs" Kerry Tomlinson, painting on found table and chairs, is seen in the foreground
"Red with a thin Strand" watercolor with fiber, Kasumi (upper right in photo above) friend, Cleveland, Ohio

Handmade bowl, Harry Bower , friend, San Franciscoceramic, 12" diameter, 7" high

"Abstract Vision", watercolor, Laya (Ezat) Fazlollahi, Reza Khosrovshahi's wife, Tehran, Iran
"Three Trees" watercolor, Christian Merwin, friend, Seattle Washingtoon

"Cherries" Marjorie Collins, friend, Oxford, England
(Just a glimpse, better photo to come)

"Mandala, opening yellow center" Timothy Kasper, Kathy's son, San Diego, Ca

"Abstract" Linda Lamme, friend, Columbus, Ohio

"Waterway", oil on canvas, Betty Kaplan, Rick's mother's cousin, deceased, 1987, Santa Monica, Ca
"Visionary Woman", Colleen Belharrat, Kathy's daughter, Santa Barbara, Ca
"Street in Paris", needlepoint, Belle Wilson, Rick's mother, 1919-1985, Chicago area
Paintings by Rick Wison:
"The Steel Mill", watercolor;
"French Passage" oil on canvas,
"Candle with Two Apples", still life, watercolor;
"Lamp and A Tray of Fruit" still life, oil on canvas,
"Ocean Sunset#1" and "Ocean Sunset#2" both oil on canvas;
"From the Beach" oil on canvas, on the reverse: "No Still Life" oils on canvas

"Creatures in Conversation" a collection of dramatic poses in wood and stone, Photographs by Kathleen Wilson
Collected Paintings by Kathleen Wilson
"A Net at Sunrise" watercolor on handmade paper, Sean E, New York
This catalog of our collection is in progress, check back for more listings

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