Speakers at BIRS Workshop: Design Theory
Banff (Nov. 9 to 14, 2008)

Alexander Rosa (McMaster University)
Decompositions of the Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraph into Hamiltonian Cycles

Charles Colbourn (Arizona State University)
Linear Hash Families

Jeff Dinitz (University of Vermont)
The Spectrum of N2 Resolvable Latin Squares

Megan Dewar (Government of Canada)
Ordering the Blocks of Designs

Alan C.H. Ling (University of Vermont)
The Spectrum of Sizes for Perfect Deletion Correcting Codes

Peter Dukes (University of Victoria)
The Convexity and Structure of Designs

Curt Lindner (Auburn University)
Embedding Partial Odd-Cycle Systems

E. Sule Yazici (Koc University)
Defining Sets of Combinatorial Designs

Amanda Malloch (University of Victoria)
On the Asymptotic Existence of Equireplicate Graph Designs

Donald L. Kreher (MichiganTechnological University)
Regular Partial Triple Systems

Esther Lamken (University of California)
Designs with Orthogonal Resolutions

Hadi Kharaghani
Bush-type Hadamard matrices and the Mutually Unbiased Bases

Aiden Bruen (University of Calgary)
Designs, Linear Codes and their Extensions

Qing Xiang (University of Delaware)
Semi-regular Relative Difference Sets with Large Forbidden Subgroups

Masakazu Jimbo (Nagoya University)
A strictly cyclic Steiner quadruple system on Zv admitting all units as multipliers

Niranjan Balachandran (California Institute of Technology)
Lambda large theorems for Candelabra Systems

Rick Wilson (California Institute of Technology)
The Directed Case of Decompositions of Edge-r-colored Complete Digraphs

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