This was my second experience of:

The Southern California Haiku Study Workshop
at the Pacific Asia Museum November 18, 2006

The Pacific Asia Museum has become the permanent home of the Haiku Study Group, and this was the second meeting held at this beautiful location. Go to my first meeting

Haiku poets from left to right clockwise around the table: Debbie, Nardin, Tom, Inez, Peggy, Wendy, Darrell, and Linda. Again in the beautiful blue room at the Pacific Asia Museum provided the atmosphere for the inspiring session. Poets read and discuss recent haiku, and kigo--commenting on seasonal changes in our local area. While tea was made and sipped, and delicious snacks brought by participants haiku happened. Then during a thirty minute writing session some wandered in the museum and others stayed in the blue room, as the courtyard was under necessary repairs, protecting the museum collection.

Haiku poet Peggy, and the Buddha in the Blue Room

Deborah Kolodji, left, who leads the session, with Kath, at a poetry reading at our home a few weeks ago. See Debbie's poetic Livejournal

One of my favorite haiku written during the session was this one by Debbie:

the sparkle
in her laugh

-Deborah P Kolodji, 11/18/2006

Debbie with Buddha in the Blue Room

— written during the Southen Ca Haiku Study Workshop
Pacific Asia Museum
November 18, 2006

with Thanks to The Pacific Asia Museum for providing this fitting and inspiring home, and to Debbie Kolodji for her tireless work for haiku in our area.

Zig-Zag Haiku
by Kath

winter holiday
koi vacation
at the fish hotel

by the zig-zag bridge
only the waterfall
whispers haiku

glass sushi display
autumn feast
only with your eyes

ink-black screen
a haiku blur
autumn light shines through

haiku poets
find autumn kigo
on their construction site

-- haiku written by Kath during the wandering-writing session, strongly influenced by the museum repair and construction work in the usually serene courtyard. Parts of the museum collection and the koi from the courtyard pond had to be moved to temporary quarters.

Kath, reading haiku far left, with Nardin, Tom, and Inez

one more haiku, contributed by a haiku poet/member:

milkweed down
my friend's white count
holds thru chemo

--Linda Galloway, 11/18/200

Linda is in the front, on the right in the opening photo on this page. Linda is working on making our groups yearly haiku anthology.

The artistic beauty is maintained at the meetings, even in the snacks. On the left,the napkins Debbie chose, and on the righ a cracker snack. These came in individual packets of four. My husband and I shared them later, and we thought they were delicious as well as charming.

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