Evening Critique Workshop
at the Wilson's March 7, 2007
**** NEW DAY for the WORKSHOP: Thursday Evenings at 6:30
from now on! Don't forget!***

A fascinating evening of poetry and critiquing. We were all delighted. On the left Mira Mitaric, behind her Sharon Hawley and Justin. Back center Don Campbell. On Don's right is our guest Phil Wilson, who owns Momentum98 a health product store in Columbus, Ohio, with a large online catalog. We enjoyed his fine and full participation in the workshop. Behind him is Rick, and on the right Pauli and Richard Dutton.

Debbie Kolodji, on the left read her fascinating poem "Night of the Bandersnatch".

Looks like those poets are thinking again. .

Don read his fine poem "Cars on the Freeway"

As a result of our workshops, Isabella Kierk (on the left) our neighbor and a Caltech scientist, and Mira Mitaric are delighted to find all the things they have in common.

Our friend Phil Schlosberg presented his Viola da Gamba to the poets, explaining a bit of its history.

It is a bowed string instrument. Similar to the cello, the viola da gamba, is played between the legs (hence the name 'viola da gamba', literally 'leg-viol'). It first appeared in Europe in the late 15th century and was one of the most popular Renaissance and Baroque instruments.

Rick and Phil played an Elizabethan piece by Thomas Morley. Lyrical and dance-like, it was greatly appreciated. It was a wonderful introduction to the instrument and the music of that time.

The music set the theme for the meal... we started with English cheddars and Kath made three varieties of "Shepherd's Pie" Here in the backgroun the vegetarian version, (soy base sausage flavor) and in front the lamb, which had a layer of creamed spinach under the mashed potato "crust".

This one is the turkey "pie", with corn and peas.

Kath made her first "syllabub", on the right, for dessert. Syllabub is a traditional British dessert, popular especially during Shakesperian times, made by whipping cream with a bit of brandy or wine, and lemon, chilled for the day before serving. Four traditional English ales were tasted, as well as our favorite red wines. Kath began the workshop with her poem "How Great" and ended it with "Closing Time".

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