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Kathy Wilson
Kathabela's Poetic and Musical Jewelry Designs

and Little People Jewelry
Updated November 2011

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What's Currently in Stock?

If you order from this list your orders can be sent this week, because they are already made! When someone orders something I usually improvise, then send them what I think they imagined. Then there are extras. Here is what I have on hand November 15 2011. I will try to keep updating this. It's perfect for seasonal gifts, because you will not have to wait long! This list is probably most helpful to those who already know my work.
Sterling Silver Adjustable Rings (I have about 10)
Treble Clef Pendant sterling silver
Several little girl wih heart charms, various sizes
Several little boy with star charms (various sizes)
The above can be made into pairs of dangly earrings boy and girl
One upside down boy with star charm
Several plain boy charms
All of above are sterling silver, hearts and stars gold fill
I also have a few 6 point star pins and pendants in gold fill
One boy with girl holding hands silver charm
One heart pin with playful 2 boys, girl and heart inside
One small pendant that says "MOM", a child or two could dangle
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*Kathy Wilson was formerly known as
Kathy Kasper
in Santa Barbara,
at the Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show, since 1976
If you are an "old customer" (1976-2000)
See 'The Kathy Kasper Wilson History and Archives'
Kathy no longer sells her work at the Santa Barbara show, but you can order old and new designs galore from this website by EMAIL
Matches for earrings, old designs, and repairs and alterations will continue to be done. Or Call with questions and orders:
(805) 886-9384

'Happy Little People' are lovingly and individually constructed, and personalized to represent your family and friends. Each one is hand-soldered and formed by the artist.

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Kathy Wilson
439 S. Catalina Ave. #306
Pasadena, CA 91106

Kathy has created thousands of designs over the last 30 years, including custom made charms, pins, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings, sometimes called her 'Poetic and Musical Designs'. They feature, abstract, creative flower and animal shapes, unusual custom, and symbolic designs. They are handmade individually in sterlng silver, 14k gold, gold filled, brass, and copper, and specalizing in combinations of metals. There have been many numbered and signed series, as well as complex, one of a kind pieces. This site will gradually attempt to catalog as many of these designs as possible. Please write if you have old favorites that you miss. Keep checking recent updates for both revivals and new designs!

Each piece of this jewelry is individually designed and handmade by the artist.

Here is an example of a family pin, a way of representing your whole family in one unique piece of jewelry!


semi-precious stones, and freshwater pearls added to any design for color and meaning on request

General Descriptions of the Work

Your special family creation can be a charm, pendant, pin, or earrings. Boys and girls are distinguished as shown, and sizes can be graduated according to children's ages. Each figure is hand soldered, and the height is approximately one half inch. Little people are made in sterling silver, and can hold a favorite object of choice: heart, star, flower, moon, etc. in 14K gold fill (for contrast). The pendants can be put directly on silver or gold chains. The pins are simple tac pins with push-on fastener. Earrings are posts, or dangling on handmade (french style) earwires (both sterling silver). Please email any questions or concerns. All work is guaranteed. I do all repairs or alterations on my work free of charge, with no time limit. New designs will continually be added to the site. Custom designs are always welcome. Each piece is individually handmade and designed for you by Kathy Wilson.

These are wonderful presents for mothers, grandmas, teachers, and to represent your own children and pets!

EMAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO ORDER. Call 805-886-9384 with questions if like, but always follow up with an email if possible, so I have it in writing, with easy access for the fastest filling of your order!
Send repairs, orders to:
Kathy Wilson
439 S. Catalina Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91106

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