Ring with Pearls
3 strand "Ocean Waves" ring

item# 3wavesw/pearls

This elegant ring is beautiful on a middle, ring or index finger. The freshwater pearls are attached with thin strands of wire. The bands resemble a classic ocean wave shape. The thickness various with whether you like a delicate or heavier look. The pearls are all natural color freshwater pearls. They can be white, pink, off-white, peachy color, and the colors can be mixed on the ring if desires.The bands are soldered together in a graceful, free flowing style. Each one is different. Add $5. extra for a heaviier look.

For sterling silver: $75.
gold-fill: $85
combination $80.
Inquire about 14k


item#: doublepearl

Thicker bands than above, this ring is graceful and substantial. (It can be made with thinner bands for the delicate look too.) This ring has a valley "V" shape on bottom and a wave above. Sterling silver, $75. Gold Fill, $85. For the more delicate looking style, subtract $10 from each price.

for toe or finger

item#: adjpearlring

A swirling design, a delicate look, with one pearl: $15. in all sterling silver. The ring above has gold-fill wire attaching the pearl on a silver ring, same price for this silver with gold accent style. A thicker look: $20. You can also have a gold fill band with a tiny melted silver ball on each end. This is a very pretty gold-silver combination ring. Add $5. to each price. Ask about 14k. Specify if it is for a small, medium or large finger. The same ring can sometimes work interchangeably on toe and finger! See for plain rings in this style.

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