For many years, Kathy has made personalized pendants and pins for grandmothers. Each is custom made, with the name each grandmother is called by the children, and all of her grandchildren incorporated into the piece. As children are born, the additional grandchildren can be added! The largest piece, so far was for a great-great grandma, with little people dangling!


This is a pendant. The loops are on each side, to balance, and can be hung with the chain going through the loops, or the loops can hook into the chin links themselves. Then the correct # and sizes of children can be suspended, and always added to! The word= $10 per letter, children $15 each, any large flower or heart at top is $10 each, a tiny heart or flower in hand is $5. Very personal and meaningful!


This pin has the name "Granny" in sterling silver script, with a gold-filled heart at the end. There are three grandchildren from one of her children (on the left) and one from the other. Pricing: The word: $10 each letter. The children: $15 each. Each tiny flower or heart in children's hands: $5. Upper larger heart and flower, $10 each. The children charms dangle from the upper word. It can be a necklace piece or a scatter pin.

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