Kathy has always specialized in heart designs and there are hundreds of variations. We will start to catalog them. Before 1998 they were mostly without little people. If you like the little people, they can be added to almost any heart design.

item# heartpearl

Pictured is a tiny post earring, usaully made small, to fit on the ear lobe. (Although you can request any size.) The heart is an open wire, soldered gold-fill or sterling shape, with a tiny freshwater pearl attached by wrapping, within. $28. Sterling; $30. gold-fill. This can be made as a larger dangly earring as well. Add $5. to price of pair. Request price for 14k

item# heartstwo

A post earring, small. The upper heart sits on the ear, the other dangles freely below! All sterling silver is $25. Gold-fill is $30. Request price for 14k

item# heart1

This is a small dangly earring. About 3/4 inch. Light, airy. Sterling silver is $20 ; Gold fill is $25 for the pair. Handmade, small french earwires.

item #hh

In the smallest size, this is a perfect small set of earrings for a child. It is an easy design for anyone to 'keep in.' They are comfortable, and even when sleeping, do not need to be removed, as they lie flat. It is one of the very early 'Kathy Kasper ' designs. A little heart peeks up in the bottom of the circular shape, giving a special loving touch to a simple shape. Smallest size is about 3/4 inch. Sterling silver small $15. Gold filled small $18. Larger sizes are pretty too. More photos will be added, inquire.

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