The small silver flowers have a 14k center, wich is why they are called "buttercups". This is a design that I originated about 25 years ago! It was a favorite, and treasured by everyone who bought them at the Santa Barbara beach show in years past. I traditionally make them very small, about 1/4 inch. The little five petaled flowers are cut and shaped out of silver sheet, invidually, then slightly "cupped" and a tiny dot of 14k gold is soldered in the center. $30. pair

Little Wild Buttercups
Post earrings. The little swirl added to the buttercup looks so pretty on your ear. $40 pair. For all 14k multiply by 4x. If you would like larger, or dangly earrings in this design, ask about the price.



One of my favorite designs to wear. I like the gold-fill flower with sterling silver center, and a strand of alternating pink and white pearls underneath. (They can be all white or all pink.) Flower can be all silver. Price is $65. for the pair. Inquire for all 14k or combination that includes 14k. Length is variable. About an inch or a bit longer is nice, but whatever you prefer is fine. Light and airy. Feminine.



This rose is hand built individually, and not made from a mold. The petals are cut and shaped, the center is swirled from a tiny piece of flat silver. The petals are curved around the center, resulting in a perfect, three dimensional rose in bloom. The band is a gently swirling solid thin band. This is feminine and special. A traditional design that Kathy started making about 25 years ago, she has made hundreds, each one different, each as a special order. She even made one as her own wedding ring, and this is it. In sterling silver $75. In 14k gold 350.
Mathching post earrings $120. in sterling silver, $375. in 14k


This little flower is usually loved in a very small size, about 1/2 inch. It can be all sterling silver or gold fill, with a silver center, at $10. each. All 14k gold would be $60. It can be attached to a charm bracelet or chain easily. If you would like a sterling silver chain add $10. and specify length:
16, 18, 20 or 24 inches. Chain is pictured, a small 'bead' chain looks pretty. If you want a larger flower add $5 to the flower price. My 'little people' can dangle from either size if you like.

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