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These lions are open to anything! These embody pink pearls and aquamarine gemstones. An outline of gold-filled or sterling silver wire draws an elegant, unusual creature, from head to foot. Don't miss the heart shaped, elegant face! And notice the flower like tail. You choose the colors and stones. Sterling silver $135 pair, $150 in gold-fill. Pin or charm, 1/2 price. Inquire about 14k or combination.



This little piggy has a curly little tail and a little golden heart on his rounded body. He has two little dots that show off his pretty nose. Kathy made this piece for a collector of pig jewelry, who was very pleased. This can be a scatter pin or pendant/charm or earrings, posts or dangle. This was made about 3/4 inch long, but you can choose a size. $45. for one. 2x for a pair.



This happy squirrel has won your heart! Made of sterling silver with small golden accents, it can be a pin, a charm or earrings, dangles or posts. It is hand cut from sterling silver sheet and silver melted into balls for eyes, nose and feet. The hearts are gold-filled, so they stand out clearly. The size can be about 3/4 inch, or a little smaller or larger. Tiny ones can be made for posts, but are harder to make, so they are the same price as the larger. Pin, pendant or charm is $60. Price for a pair is $100.



These dangly two-humped camels are carring turguoise stones. Made of sterling silver or gold filled wire (or a combination) they can be made with one wire outliine or two wire twisted together as in photo. These "open-minded", "open-hearted" camels are light, airy and carefree. You may suggest other gemstones, and size. These were a custom order, and were about 1 1/2 inches long. You can suggest any size. The pair would be $100. One camel as a pin or pendant/charm would be $50.

To know more about camel lore read this charming story by Michelle-Nicole


item# bunny1

These sterling silver bunnies are scampering. Post earrings are pictured. Can be ordered as a charm, necklace or small scatter pin.
The pair, completely hand made down to the last whisker, is $60 as posts or small dangle earrings. Order one charm or small pin: $30.



These sterling silver creatures are post earrings, made especially for an "elephant collector". The head is slightly three-dimensional, and the effect has personality and charm. Ears, tusk, tail, trunk are all distinquished and fun. They can be made as a pin or pendant/charm as well, or dangly earrings. Each elephant is $40 in silver. (Pair is $80.) Can be, 1/2, 3/4 inch long. Other custom sizes can be priced, and also can be done in 14k or have gold filled accents.



Graceful, friendly and inquisitive, this sterling silver giraffe wears a little golden heart you can see.
$50 each as a pin, pendant or charm, (x2 for earrings).
Size can vary/ Request the size you would like.

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