This is an elegant, light, colorful design! I use all seven colors of the rainbow, each represented by a semi-precious stone. On this pair you can see:
indigo=Lapis lazuli
The plain sunbeams I make are ornamented by attaching the stones securely, in this arrangement with delicate wire, which adds to the design. The length is variable. On this pair the longest strand is about 1 1/2 inches. You can suggest what you would like. $75. gold fill or sterling silver. If you would like these smaller, the price can be less.

gold or silver


This design is a tiny drop shape with a freshwater pearl attached at the bottom. The tiny delicate looking design looks pretty in gold-fill, with as tiny silver ball above. The earwires are french hooks. Size starts at about a half-inch and can be larger. Price for the tiny pair in gold fill with silver, or all sterling is $30. (Add $10. to double the size of the pair.)
All 14k is $125. (Add 50. to double the size.)



Here's Kathy wearing a pair of "Spring Spirals" a very special design that began in Spring, probably about 15 years ago. She has made them in every color, and even with a strand of rainbow gemstones. Here some sparkly red glass beads were put on one strand, extending through the spiral. Kathy made them to match a beaded red dress she wore the night before her wedding. Here she is wearing them on her anniversary. (That's why she is wearing a tiara!) They can be made in gold fill or sterling silver, the price varies with the stones. Please inquire, you will love these. Plan on $35-$75 depending on how many stones and what kind. Plain spirals are $30. You will love these earrings! If you look closely, you'll see Kathy is wearing a matching necklace. Go to the new Necklace Page


Item# sunmoon

This was one of the most popular of Kathy Kasper's designs. It is a very basic dangly earring that goes with everything. It is good for everyday or dress up. It is feminine and elegant and yet simple. It is very light, so does not weigh on the ear, yet looks special. It is easy to put on and take off. Kathy makes each one by hand, even the earwire. The dangles are 'pounded' which makes them sparkle. The gold fill design is called sunbeams, the silver is moonbeams. You can specify how long the dangles should be. The basic one inch length with three dangles is $25 in silver, $30 in gold fill. Longer up to two inches, add extra $5. item#icicle1

This is one of the all time-favorites in the Kathy Kasper archive!! Instead of a french ear wire, the dangles cascade from a little hoop! Kathy makes each one by hand. Thousands of these have become part of the collections of devoted "icicle" fans. They are light, and stay in, they are hard to lose. A dangly earring you can sleep in if you want to, because they lay flat, since they are a hoop. Kathy had a customer who told her she bought them as a young girl and had not changed them for 10 years! She was a swimmer, and even wore them in races. Seven thin "icicles" dangle in graduated sizes from a small hoop. The beads and a little flattening of the hoop keep the icicles on, and they can make a soft jingle as you walk. The gold are "Sunlight Icicles" and the silver are "Moonlight Icicles." You can specify the length you would like. They can be short (longest dangle about 3/4 inch) medium (longest dangle about one inch) or long (longest dangle about one and 1/4 inches.) $28. pair in sterling silver, or $30 in gold-fill.

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