Kathy holding the hummingingbirds

The hummingbird design was a favorite of Kathy's customers over the years, and many collectors include these as one of their treasured designs. Delicate but distinct, the tiny birds flutter their dainty wing by your ear. These tiny earrings (or scatter pin or charm) are hand cut out of sterling silver or 14k gold. The tiny wing is made separately and soldered to the hand shaped body. You can suggest any size, and request dangly as well. Sterling silver is $55. pair. (Beak and wing can be contrasting metal. For 14k wing and beak, add $35 to the pair. All 14k gold $175. charm or pin is 1/2 price. Larger pieces may cost more. *Each pair comes mounted on a small felt heart as pictured, for presentation. (You can request a color background.)

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