item# NAME001

You can order the letters of any name, either plain or decorated, as a necklace, pendant, or pin.The piece above is a necklace, with a chain piece at each end. You can also have the name dangling freely on a closed chain.
Each letter is $10 in sterling silver, or $15 in gold-filled.
Letters can be upper and lower case or all caps.

Family figures can be added, as seen in the above pin.

The piece above is a scatter pin, and because it is longer, I put two 'tacs,' one at each end to keep it balanced well..

Any family relation can be named, such as MOM, Grandma, Nana, Sister, etc. Eventually I will post samples of many more. The MOM pin above is ready to hang some little figures from the loop, and open spaces in the design. It can be plain or family 'decorated.' I have added as many as twenty-five small figures, soldered above, as in the "Bridges' pin, and dangling down. Again, each letter is $10 in sterling silver, or $15 in gold fill
Little people are $15 each
and the objects are $10 each. (Flower, heart, star, moon).
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