These silver or gold-filled hoops are comfortable, simple and yet elegant. Pounded to give them a sparkle and substance. Two sizes, pictured in relation to a quarter. Medium .


Like those above, these silver or gold-filled hoops are comfortable, simple and yet elegant. But they are more dressy! Pounded to give them a sparkle and substance, and then wrapped to attach a pretty white pearl. While they last, I am using some large beautiful freshwater pearls that we bought ourselves on a trip to Shanghai two summers ago! Two sizes, pictured in relation to a quarter. Medium Smaller size is $25. silver, $30 gold-fill. Larger is $30. silver, $35. gold-fill.


A small colorful hoop, your choice of colorful gemstones.
The silver or gold-filled hoop is a sturdy but delicate looking wire. State color choices, or order an assortment. Some choices: red=red coral, orange=carnelian, yellow=citrine, green=malachite, blue=turquoise, indigo=lapis lazuli, violet=amethyst. Other stones available on request. Specify round or irregular stone if you have a preference (you can see the difference in the photo above). Occasionally, if the stones have very small holes, the gem will be nested in hoop as pictured below. Birthstone collection available. At this price, clear quartz crystal is substitituted for a diamond., etc. You will be pleased with the selection of semi-precious gems. $20 pair


This is one of the all time-favorites in the Kathy Kasper archive!! Thousands of these have become part of the collections of devoted "icicle" fans. They are light, and stay in, they are hard to lose. A dangly earring you can sleep in if you want to, because they lay flat, since they are a hoop. Kathy had a customer who told her she bought them as a young girl and had not changed them for 10 years! She was a swimmer, and even wore them in races. Seven thin "icicles" dangle in graduated sizes from a small hoop. The beads and a little flattening of the hoop keep the icicles on, and they can make a soft jingle as you walk. The gold are "Sunlight Icicles" and the silver are "Moonlight Icicles." You can specify the length you would like. They can be short (longest dangle about 3/4 inch) medium (longest dangle about one inch) or long (longest dangle about one and 1/4 inches.) $28. pair in sterling silver, or $30 in gold-fill.

Item #dwd1


Small, comfortable and special, the tiny beads on the hoops have a pearl-like look. This was always a popular Kathy Kasper basic design.
The usual size is a little bigger than 1/2 inch diameter. You can order them in different sizes, please inquire.
The four pretty variations in style are:
  • a-silver hoop with silver bead $6
  • b-silver hoop with gold-fill bead $6
  • c-gold-fill hoop with gold-fill bead $7
  • d-gold fill hoop with silver bead.$7

  • item #hh

    In the smallest size, this is a perfect small set of earrings for a child. It is an easy design for anyone to 'keep in.' They are comfortable, and even when sleeping, do not need to be removed, as they lie flat. It is one of the very early 'Kathy Kasper ' designs. A little heart peeks up in the bottom of the circular shape, giving a special loving touch to a simple shape. Smallest size is about 3/4 inch. Sterling silver small $15. Gold filled small $18. Larger sizes are pretty too. More photos will be added, inquire.

    item# PH001

    A wonderful, small, feminine design, with a small freshwater pearl. About 3/4 inch. Inquire about other sizes. Eventually I will put pictures. Can be worn constantly and comfortably. You can have a natural pink freshwater pearl or a white one as pictured. The thin wire goes through the pearl and attaches it securely to the hoop with the pretty wrapping. This is a classic Kathy Kasper design, and has made so many people happy! Price is $20
    Here are the choices:
    all sterling silver; all gold filled; sterling hoop with gold filled wire wrap; or gold filled with sterling wire wrap

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