from Pasadena to Santa Barbara


We drove under the deepest blue sunlit sky on Grandma's birthday.
We think she ordered the color for the day...her blue, the most beautiful...
California blue sky, ocean blue by the shore, like the Mediterranean blue of her birthplace.
See the photo album of her childhood in Port Said.


(An adventure in two parts)


We drove straight to pick up Grandma at her beautiful home at Garden Court in Santa Barbara. She loves the atmosphere, activities, and family of friends she has there. She is always signed up for some adventure, so we have to check her schedule. This time she is signing OUT to go on an adventure with us!

Imagine her delight with her back seat traveling companion, and friendly driver with that twinkle in his eye!

He took us to one of her favorite places, the Cafe del Sol, for a birthday lunch celebration.

Grandma was stunned, and she was the star! Colleen brought her matching birthday balloons.

"What will they think of next" Grandma says...surrounded by two of her favorite grandchildren!?!

Grandma loved her roast beef on sourdough sandwich, quacamole and chips lunch.
But she was amazed and touched when dessert came. Kathy had arranged a surprise reminiscent of her Port Said teenage celebrations. She has always talked fondly of the lovely dances for the young teenagers at the boardwalk pavillion hall, where Strauss Waltzes were played, and ice cream and potato chips were served together as a treat. So a big bowl of ice cream with a candle on top was centered in a big basket of chips. We gave her a Strauss Waltz CD along with dessert.

Grandma loved her presents...she is getting 84 of them. Here she is opening her "explosive pop-out birthday" greeting card.

It is like a flower, just like Mary is.
Colleen brought her this beautiful sweet bouquet...a white peony,
you can see it is dusted with sparkles.
There was one blue iris and fragrant lemon geranium leaves.

Kathy and Rick wore some speial Mama clothes.
Rick wore his Egyptian shirt... Mama wants one just like it... and Kathy wore her bird and flower print celebration skirt for the first time. Mama wants one too! Here we are inviting her for the next part of her celebration at our home in Santa Barbara. That's our door, that's where we all went next...we'll see you there later! (for Part Two)

Here's a happy Grandma....!

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