We start off with a bang and a splash!

We and all the animals in the house welcomed Sean after the long trip to California.

It was almost like he had never left. We just took up where we left off last time.
Only this time, let's play it with two tambourines instead of one.
Kathy wore a skirt that Jamie picked out for her on her visit with Sean last time they were here.

Chinese temple bell from our trip to Shanghai. Sean is playing a Nepalese drum, a gift from our friends Nan and Pete Evans.

Sean thought we were kidding when we emailed him that we were fishies now!

What is that strange creature doing in our pool??

Our friend Harry started this dish for us before he left, Kathy added peas and some more sauce and herbs and made kasha. A nice dinner to inspire a good sleep, and sweet California dreams!

The tryptophan effect...

A Pasadena welcome song...on Indonesian drum and Vietnamese Dan Mo. A lively start to our happy visit with Sean. We were impressed with his good energy after traveling and we had a lot of fun together already!

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