MONDAY DECEMBER 13, 2004 (Day Three in Pasadena)

Today Sean stayed indoors most of the day. Don't be deceived...it is not that Nothing was going on here.
Open the doors

He did typing meditatation...

Even did dishwashing meditation...

Lunch meditation...

He even turned into a piece of cheese.
Actually each one of us turned into a piece of cheese.

Hot tub meditation.

Duck soup dinner meditation.

Dinner movie meditation...we watched exactly an hour of this 2 and a half hour movie...wasn't that zen of us?

By bedtime, Sean was beginning to come out of his shell.

And in the end... enlightenment!
Given the introspective spirit of the day, Sean was surprisingly sweet, and told us he was so happy he came, happy to be with us, and that our home was a place where even when the zen board was empty, it was full!

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