Sean's Day Eleven and Twelve in Pasadena

December 21 and 22, 2004

We are skipping to the last day and a half of Sean's visit, and we will fill you in on the few days before later (well worth recording for you), as now he is now back in New York with his other friends and family.On Tuesday, Sean chose our adventure, being the last full day in Pasadena. He wanted "to get lost" in the Huntington Gardens.

He is not a stranger to the Huntington, since he has been here before, definitely a friend, and our web site makes him a celebrity. Rick welcomed him back to the Huntington.

Sean wandered alone for an hour, and we met him there. Kathy called him on the guest phone. He could see us coming. "Are you wearing a pink dress?" he said.

Kathy welcomed Sean back to the Huntington too.

Sean said..."I don't know who else could pull this look like Alice in Wonderland".

It is true, the Huntington IS a wonderland, and we were happy to be there together again.

Afterwards we went to the nearby Armenian inspired "Burger Continental". Sean and Jamie liked it last time. Sean said it was the best solution for "the munchies" he ever had. "The holy grail of munchies."

We finished our movie...we introduced Sean to Monty Python with this!

And Rick made "Rick's greatest Pasadena Popcorn

Can you believe the hot tub gave out that night?? At least it didn't happen earlier.

A view of Kathy and Rick's from the pool area.

The next morning...our last breakfast.

A last look.

The suitcase full of whole wheat pasta and other indespensibles from Trader Joe's.

Three beings have played in the wonderland beyond the circle.
One leaps back in the flying world... searching and finding ways.
(Kathy's translation)

The wonderland abides...
and waits for Sean's next visit.

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