Thursday, a Traveling Day
Sean's Day Six

December 16, 2004

Sean said a sweet goodbye at our beautiful Banta Barbara home at the 'El Escorial'
to cousin Ms. Colleen Claus...

Colleen a hug to "Rico Suave", "Paw Paw" as she calls him too!

From Santa Barbara

back to Pasadena
we traveled on Thursday morning to meet our nieces Diana and Rachel who were leaving for Chicago
with a stop at our house to say hello/goodbye and put their car in our garage.

A perfect excuse for a picnic.

Waiting for the ride to the airport.

Sean got to meet Diana and Rachel for the first time,
and we all shared Grandma's Birthday Pumpkin Cheesecake
in this "elegant" setting.

Sean was amazed at their luggage display.
Actually there was a good excuse for this.
Rachel was packing up her room in California for her semester in Prague
that starts in the beginning of the year.
She won't be back until next fall!

Diana was cheerful and composed before her trip home.

She had her silly putty handy in case she needed a silly nose for the trip.

Afterwards Sean relaxed after all the excitement, and improvised his own nose decorations...

with whipped cream.

Sean's zenboard symbolic summary of the day.
"Silly nose adventure-journey gives completeness to experience."
(Kathy's translation.)

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