Kathy and Rick's Second Trip to Iran
April 19–May 5, 2006

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From the plane...Arriving in Tehran... Kathy's hand and ring reflected in the airplane window!

This is our second visit to Iran. To see the themes pages from our visit in 2003
Go to Our Visit to Iran, 2003

April-May, 2006: We are home in Pasadena after a fantastic journey! We will be adding more pages consistently while thee memories are still freh in our minds....so many amazing stories to tell.

  • Seeing Contemporary Art in Tehran

  • Buying a rug in Tehran...the Beauty of It!

  • A Visit to the Tomb of the poet Hafez

  • Who Wins the Prize?
  • For the Love of Lavosh!

  • Gypsy "Song and Dance" in Iran

  • A Fantastic Iranian Meal at the Azari Teahouse

  • Last Night at An Amazing Traditional Teahouse

  • A Shortcut in Tehran (A neighborhood walk)

  • A Look at Women's Fashions in Tehran

  • Street Scenes in Tehran

  • The Best Bread (We came back for the sangak)

  • Our Arrival in Tehran, April 21, 2006

  • Friends Who Meet Us In Tehran

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