Kathabela and Rick's Trips to Iran


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April 21 –May 5, 2006

Rick Wilson is a Professor of Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. He was invited to speak at the International Workshop on Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Graph Coloring at IPM (The Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics) in Tehran, Iran, held in August 2003, and now again, in April of 2006. His wife Kathy, an artist and poet, accompanies him, and this is the story of their marvelous adventures. We have made lifelong friends and are treated with great hospitality and friendliness.

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Previous trip: August 7–17, 2003
The following topics give a background of our experience in Iran
what we learned in this fascinating and beautiful country in 2003
to prepare us (and you) for our current trip.

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