Updated October 14, 2005

Symposiumin Honor of Jack van Lint
October 2-5, 2005
Veldhoven, Holland

Jack van Lint (1932-2004) was the co-author of Rick's book on Combinatorics, and a friend of many years. This symposium in his honor included lectures by many of his closest friends and collegues, on many of the topics most dear to his heart, and important to his work. It brought together in this city, many mathematicians who worked with him, to renew their friendships, and to inspire one another's work. Jack would have been pleased with the variety and excellence of the talks and atmosphere of companionship and good spirits in his honor.
Some Conference Highlights:

Here is Rick giving his talk on Wednesday, October 5, 2005. Visible listening are Vera Pless, front, from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Wilhelm Hammers, of the University of Tillbourg, the Netherlands.

"An Ax-Katz-type theorem for congruences modulo powers of a prime".

Conversation after the talk. In forefront, smiling, is our friend, Aart Blokhuis, from Eindhoven University of Technology. We stayed at his home later that evening and had a beautiful visit with him and his wife. (One of our favorite events of the trip.)

Listening, in the center, is our friend Arjeh Cohen, from Technical University of Eindhoven. He took us out for a wonderful dinner and concert (another of our favorite evenings) later in the week, and gave us a room in his son's home in Amsterdam for the last three days of our stay.

Above Arjeh is chair at one of the lecture sessions.

Our friend and host at the University of Delaware, and sometimes visitor to Caltech, Qing Xiang.

Vera Pless giving her talk: "LDPC codes with a girth greater than 4".

Our friend and host at Kyoto University, Masa Jimbo.

Our friend Ying Miao from University of Tsukuba in Japan.

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