by Kathy Wilson

All portraits were sketched during the lectures presented
at the Symposium in Honor of Jack van Lint
October 3–October5, 2005

Monday, October 3, 2005

A. Barg: A bound on Grassmannian codes

V. Blinovsky: Maximal set of natural numbers without coprimes with given set of divisors

P. Camion: Partition algebras

S. Dodunekov: From perfect to quasi-perfect codes

I. Dumer: Covering an ellipsoid with equal balls

I. Duursma: A class of dual BCH codes

E. Aarts: Opening industrial session

T. Ericson: On Fourier-invariant partitions

M. Hassner: Algebraic geometric modulation codes

T. Helleseth: On coset distribution of BCH codes

H. Hollmann: Proof of a generalized Donoho-Stark uncertainty principle by shifting

Ying Miao: Further combinatorial constructions for optimal frequency-hopping sequences

Vera Pless: LDPC Codes with girth greater than 4

B. Shen: Construct LDPC code using algebraic block codes

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

E. van Dam: Cospectral graphs of distance regular graphs, and new distance-regular graphs

P. van Emde Boas: Games, computation and complexity

M. Greferath: The linear programming bound for codes over finite Frobenius rings

S. Harari: One time pad, now and then

F. De Clerck: A new characterization of projections of quadrics in finite projective spaces of even characteristic

M. Jimbo: 2-Designs with non-primepower block size derived from affine geometry

G. Kabatiansky: Codes with i.p. property and secret sharing schemes

F. van der Blij: Sums of squares, a subject from Jack's thesis

I. Landjev: Caps in projective Hjelmslev spaces over finite chain rings

V. Levenshtein: Conflict-avoiding codes and cyclic triple systems

S. Litsyn: Asymptotic bounds for non-binary codes

P. Ostergard: The Steiner quadruple systems of order 16

Ph. Piret: Aggregate error locator and error value computation in AG codes

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

K. Ranto: 3-designs from all Z4-Goethals-like codes with block size 7 and 8

Cornelia Rößing: LDPC-Codes derived from inversive planes

Alexander Schrijver: New code bounds from the Terwilliger algebra

L. Tolhuizen: Special generator matrices for MDS codes, and a generalisation of Hall's marriage theorem

Rick Wilson: An Ax-Katz-type theorem for congruences modulo powers of a prime

Qing Xiang: Symmetric Bush-type Hadamard matrices of order 4m4 exist for all odd m

A. Bruen: Shannon's coding theorems, perfect secrecy and quantum information

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