A visit with David and Nina Shorey

Nina and David have been friends of Rick's for years. He first knew David as an antique flute dealer, and purchased flutes from him in the 1980's. Nina restored and repaired a number of the flutes that David handled. They used to live in Maine, but moved to Amsterdam, where they have lived for about five years. They visited us about six months ago, when their son's band was playing in LA. It was a surprise to us, that soon after, on our way to Iran, we had the chance to visit them in Amsterdam. It was our one and ONLY chance, as they were preparing to move back to the US! Their son Clyde, age 16, had a job offer with a band in L.A. We had several visits with them, during our two day stay. They took us on walks to places we would not have known about, and made us a wonderful dinner at their temporary apartment, overlooking the canals. We visited their houseboat, which had been a home for them for many years, and which they were preparing for sale! Since our visit, they and their son have moved to Marina del Rey, California! We were delighted to have them visit us in Pasadena last week! Our friend, Harry Bower, from San Francisco, who knew David from flute business, was visiting at the time and made us all a great dinner. The houseboat, which we visited, is now for sale!

If anyone is interested in buying their houseboat and 'ligplaats' (space on the canal) in Amsterdam, go to

the 'woonboot' website.

Amsterdam is a city Rick knows, having visited several times, and Kathy had never been there, but always wanted to go. So Rick could show Kathy around.

Houseboats line canals like this in Amsterdam. It is a unique environment. Kathy remembers buying and having a picture postcard of this very scene, on her jewelry worktable for years starting about 20 years ago... to daydream upon because she loved the image... This is our own photo.

Here's a picture Kathy drew in her journal of our Atlantic crossing. This was her first visit to Europe.

We stayed at the Hotel Ibis, right near the train station and this was the view from our room.

Here, on the right, are David and Nina in Amsterdam. We are visiting their friend's musical instrument shop.

Here they are a few months later, enjoying a meal Harry cooked in Pasadena!

Here is a drawing of Nina and David in Amsterdam and friends who came to dinner at their home. They made the salad described below, as well as a pasta dish and a great chicken-vegetable stir–fry. On the left is their son Clyde, and on the far right is Monica, a friend who works at the 'Marihuana Museum' downtown.

On August 6, 2003, David and Nina took us for a walk through the 'red-light' district in Amsterdam. As we were strolling amidst tourists and locals in the midday sun, we heard a voice say "Is that Kathy?!!" We looked up, and before our eyes, was our dear friend Sammi, one of the nurses who attended Fred. A group of friends and family were showing her the same street, We had no idea we were all traveling out of the US at this time, nonetheless to the same place, the same spot, at the same time! We were all astonished.

Sammi was even wearing a pair of Kathy's handmade earrings!

Before we left, we caught David looking from his balcony out into the future, through this beautiful Amsterdam sky.
Rick found it inspiring too...

It rained for a half hour a while later, and then cleared for our walk home to our hotel through the darkened streets along the canals.

Here is the view below. ( Notice the houseboats! )
Remember, it you are interested in buying a houseboat and 'ligplaats' (space on the canal) in Amsterdam, go to
the 'woonboot' website.

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