at the Huntington Gardens


Saturday, August 21, 2004

Come, dear, you think it's pretty here among the plants, but I'll take you to a far better place, where the cacti grow on trees!

Oh, dear, I'll always believe you now, I didn't know cactus could grow like this. Are we on a different planet?

Most of the plants are bigger than we are!

And when we sit down, we feel like we are being carried away by giant fish!

Oh Rick, make sure to get a picture of that one!

Even before we left (left) , Rick was doing his impression of a turtle, imagining all that hard work.
And while we were there, he did it again! (right)
By the way, that turtle on his tummy (above, left) is called "duck."

Sean and Jamie look so innocent.

And peaceful. They stopped in the Zen Garden to relax.

And calmly posed with us in the Japanese Garden.

But in the Bonsai Garden we started to get a little wild again. Kathy started doing bonsai poses.

Jamie and Sean started getting hungry.

And we all started to look like fish wanting to be fed.
They were chasing us out of the gardens at closing time, anyway. So Rick took as all out to buy fast food.

(At the newly researched Pasadena's best vegetarian food shack, Orean Express, tucked between the better known varieties) and we brought home sandwiches.)

After dinner, Kathy gave Jamie her promised jewelry making demonstration. Kathy has made jewelry for 30 years, and works at home. See her Happy Little People and Their World and more.

We had two tired vacationers at the end of the evening, planning a good sleep and a quiet packing day for Sunday, before their departure back to their home planet New Paltz on Monday morning.

Hats from Kathy and Rick's and Jamie Levato's collection.
'Tree' painting and 'Sweet Dreams" on the 'zen board' by Jamie

collages by Kathy
Photos by Rick and Kathy

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