Rick and Kathy were thrilled to welcome nephew Sean Eand his friend Jamie visiting from New Paltz, New York.

We have a perfect foursome in our Pasadena condo for the week. Sean visited last year and was looking forward to sharing the fun with Jamie.

Sean and Jamie are serious about their visit, setting to work immediately to explore and experience everything. Here they are looking through Kathy's 'ready-made oean works' photographs, an artisitc project Kathy has worked on over the last seven years.

They opened every door in Michelle-Nicoles's artistic anniversary gift to Kathy and Rick. (There are about a hundred beautiful little openings to open and see captioned photos.)

Sean started on his plan to play all the musical instruments in the house, since he didn't bring his trombone. Kathy and Sean played a duet, Kathy playing her Vietnammese Dan-mo. (not pictured).

Our project table filled up immediately with arts and crafts projects.

Hint: they got really inspired by our photo-magnet refrigerator, one of Rick's current projects.

Jamie looked through Kathy's handmade jewelry and albums for her favorites.

And after a look into a kaleidoscopic world...

We put on our hats and went out to explore the outside world. What a better way to start than to experience the oranges of Southern California. They grow on trees here.

We got serious about those hats, and met Rick at work at Caltech.


Aw, Jamie could do that when she was about four, and with a better hat, too!

But now she can do this! (She's an upside down bridge!)

In spite of their behaviour and their hats, these people are all an asset to the beautiful Caltech campus.

We got really hungry doing all those hat tricks, so we took off our hats (we knew you'd miss them) and sat down at the 'Taste of Bangkok', our favorite Thai restaurant near our home.

"What, I have no hat????"

"You can always improvise, you know!!"

After we got our energy back, we were off to Office Depot to buy planners.

Sean called Grandma in Santa Barbara, to make sure she knew what was going on in the world.

Rick became skeptical about what might happen if we went to the 99 cent store.

And for good reason, too!

After that we went home and had chocolate covered bananas...sorry, without hats!

And finished the day in the classic fashion, making us all know all was right with the world. Sean was in the hot tub.

Hats from Kathy and Rick's collection.

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