Another exciting day with Rick and Kathy
Friday, August 20, 2004


Here's where Kathy found Sean and Jamie first thing on Friday morning. The El Escorial, in Santa Barbara, where we have our home, has a beautiful, exotic jungle plant surrounded hot tub, in contrast to the more ultilitarian one in Pasadena, and they were making the most of it.

In fact they had thought of "at least six impossible things before breakfast" about what to do in Santa Barbara before we had to drive back so Rick could be there for students at Caltech. They managed to do most of them. One was to find the time to take a walk on the beach. After the hot tub and before breakfast they did that on their own, with directions from us, and we were not there with our cameras, so this is here is what we think they looked like.

When they got back, breakfast was ready on our balcony.

Sean saved some time by getting the dishes done so we could pack the car, and satisfy their most important wish, to hurry to have one last visit with Grandma before we left.

Grandma's little angels...

When we got there we put Grandma back on the we didn't....we just made her feel like we were...

Grandma tried not to cry. She would miss Sean. They were very close when Sean was little. (Sean is the child of Kathy's brother Michael, the second youngest of Mary's five children.) She was delighted to be able to meet Sean's wonderful girlfriend Jamie during his visit this year.

Now, another impossible thing Jamie was thinking of is going to Maureen's (Kathy's sister) house to pick oranges. That is because she gave them a couple yesterday, small ones that she said apologetically, might not be perfect. Well, after tasting Sean and Jamie said they were the best they had tasted in their lives. How could we say no?

We told you that oranges grow on trees here!

And as if that was not enough good luck, a neighbor came out and gave us a whole box of extras she had picked yesterday.

After the almost two hour drive to Pasadena, some of us were exhausted. (The driver was at Caltech talking to students.)

But we perked up nicely, especially on top of our heads soon enough, in the pool downstairs.

Meanwhile Kathy did more planning.

Jamie and Kathy put on their new matching hats (bought together on their vintage shopping spree on Wednesday) and we all met Rick on the beautiful Caltech campus.

We took them to the Caltech faculty club 'The Athenaeum' for a special dinner. Rick and Kathy's family pre-wedding dinner was here, and we love sharing the memory with family who could not be there that night. The restaurant made vegetarian Jamie happy, by making her a special vegetable plate (lower left). On the lower right is a portobello lasagne Sean and Jamie shared (that's won-ton on the top), and upper center is the pretty sorbet flower served between courses. Middle right is the lobster bisque we had, served elegantly at the table by by being poured from a copper pot.

Dinner was served outdoors on the beautiful patio, with a piano player in the background and sparkling little lights...are Sean and Jamie are dreaming up some more impossible things ...?
It was a long day, but we were all still glowing before the short walk across campus to our home.

When we got there, though, all the lights went out, and we said a sweet...

* Hats from Kathy and Rick's and Jamie Levato's collections.
* 'Peace Angel' statues were a Mother's Day gift from Michael and Alicia Endress to Mom
* The scene at the beach was a 'Ready-made Oceanwork' by Kathy
* 'Good night' Zen board greeting by Jamie

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