August 19, 2004

We're back in the parking garage and look who's driving. You can't really drive away in this incredible is the inside of another installation by Kenny Sharf, a parked (deceptively ordinary on the outside) RV in the Pasadena Museum of California Art's painted garage.

After a quick viewing of the rest of the Sharf exhibit upstairs and an amazing exhibit called Topographies, we needed lunch!

We had to hurry to get to lunch at a Sitar of India, and Sean and Jamie treated us to a delicious Indian buffet, which gave us the energy to do more important things.

Like shop for hats...

Actually we didn't buy any of these the hats or the shirt. Sean was just cheerfully entertaining himself until Jamie and Kathy found treasures at women's vintage resale shops.

We strolled home just in time to welcome our great musical friend Curtis Berak. We had a snack and Rick had a chance to show him some new flutes we got on our trip to Korea and Japan.

Then we were off to the nearby Pasadena Playhouse, a beautiful old Pasadena theater, to see their new production: "Vincent in Brixton," a play about the early life of Vincent van Gogh.

Only Van Gogh kept his hat on....

We got home at 10:30 pm just in time for dinner. (Our Indian lunch made us just snack before the play.) Kathy made sevaral dishes to accomadate all eating preferences... Tofu curry with asparagas, wild rice with toasted almonds, broccoli tops with tamiri toasted almonds and creamy mozarella rice cheese, sesame shrimp curry and baby artichokes with a mayonnaise dill dip. Choice of grren tea or soy ice cream and tofutti cutie wedge with strawberries for dessert, with watermelon. It sounds like a lot but we were really hungry by then, and everyone slept great.


Someone special had come for dinner! (You can see only her pretty curls on her sleepy head in these pictures.) Kathy's daughter Colleen was in LA for her flamenco class and spent the night at our place, happy to be able to see Sean and meet Jamie, have dinner after a long day and hear friend Curtis Berak play one of the antique hurdy gurdies in his collection.


How many people (even in California) get to be serenaded before sleep by an antique hurdy gurdy? Curtis Berak is a serious and fine player, with one of the prominent private hurdy gurdy collections in the world. He has performed internationally, and his vivid playing makes you want to dance. (Out of respect for the neighbors we didn't at this time!)

Instead, a more usual ending to an unusual and exciting day!

It's easy to see why this part of the story took so long to appear! We are all still washing dishes!

Hats (except for Van Gogh's) from Kathy and Rick's collection.

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